YouTube Secrets: What YouTubers Don’t Tell. But You Learn From Data Analytics!

Learn about YouTube secrets and how important it is to reinvent yourself on YouTube, by trying new topics. You can also learn about YouTube Algorithm and AI Engine to learn how it works: Participate with Us to look at the real YouTube video and Make Predictions on what is going to happened.


How YouTube Works

How YouTube Works

  • Create Video
  • Upload the Video
  • Hope for the Best
  • What happens behind the scene?

How Do We Know For Sure?

  • Benefit of The Doubt
  • Experienced Consultant
  • YouTube Creator
  • What happens behind the scene?

Review Analytics

   After Publishing

  • 5 hours
  • 32 hours
  • 48 hours

Research Methodology

  • Published YouTube Paper
  • Observations
  • Experiences as YouTube Creator

How New Video is Released

  • Notifications To Subscribers
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Outside Sampling


YouTube Video Performance Metrics

•      CTR – Click Through Rate

  • AVD – Average View Duration
  • Total Watch Time

YouTube View Sources

•     Views From Subscribers

  • YouTube Search
  • Google Search
  • Suggested Videos

How New Video is Released

  • Notifications To Subscribers
  • Browse Features
  • External Audience Sampling
  • YouTube Search Sampling

YouTube Dashboard

  • Rankings
  • CTR
  • AVD
  • Data is Available after 3 hours

YouTube (20 Min Before AVD)


  • AVD is available after 3 hours
  • Rankings
  • CTR
  • AVD

YouTube (1 Min Before AVD)

  • Rankings
  • CTR
  • AVD
  • Initial Data is Available in 1 min

YouTube (Key Metrics Released)

  • First 3 Hours of Data:
    • Views
    • AVD – Average View Duration
    • Watch Time


How YouTube Empowered Creators

  • Give Every Video a Chance
  • Popular Now vs Later
  • Real-Time Adjustments
  • Respond To Popularity Trends
  • Help Viewers Find Best Content
  • Prevent Abuse
  • AI & Machine Learning

YouTube Development Team

  • Democratized Video
  • Match Content with Viewers
  • Changed Lives
  • Changed The World
  • Better Connect


Next Steps

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