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A lot of jobs today require variety of soft and technical skills and companies would like to make sure that job candidates have all required skills and knowledge to be successful on the job as part of the hiring process. Online Training for Everyone site was created with only mission to help you get hired for the job by successfully passing interview and assessment test. Here we focus on the most important technologies, tips and techniques to help you get employed: accountants, managers, engineers, knowledge workers, information technology professionals and more to help you pass interview and job assessment test to get hired for your dream job.

There are multiple different ways you can learn the material to help you get prepared:


Who is Vadim Mikhailenko

Vadim Mikhailenko, MBA

Hi there, my name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I am trying to help people learn technology, get ready for the job interview and pass assessment test.

I am very passionate about technology and tools as part of my 20+ years professional career. I worked in different roles on information technology projects and and very passionate about tools and technology technology. I continue to help organizations worldwide as a consultant and also teach Information Technology courses at community college. My experience working with people gives me opportunity to share with you what works in the business world to help you get ahead, collaborate, build relationships and driver results.

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I started YouTube Channel in 2013 to spread the word and share the knowledge. I love educating people and excited about sharing my knowledge.

I believe everybody has untapped potential inside of themselves and we are all destined for great things. My mission is to help as many people as I can to learn new skills and get on with living their best possible lives. And I believe it can be done through learning new skills and using them to make your life better.

I also help to improve local Milwaukee community by sharing my knowledge and teaching IT courses at local community college. My goal is to help underprivileged and disadvantaged people to learn required skills and get employed. I enjoy to hearing back from them when they find jobs or get promoted: this gives me the most meaning from what I do.

I am passionate about learning, self-development and self-improvement myself as well. I figured that what helps me to improve myself I can also share with others and possibly help other as well: this way I can help people and make a difference in their lives. My philosophy is that the more you learn, the more options you have and the more you can impact lives of others and to positive changes in community around you. I am a a strong believer that learning can change lives for the better and I am really excited to teach others.


Family guy


About Vadim Mikhailenko - Online Training for Everyone

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and four kids, taking them to the sports activities and helping them get better at basketball, tennis, football and chess. I also do a lot of home improvement projects around the house as I enjoy doing things with my own hands,

Really glad to have you here with me. Always looking for your feedback - please leave a comment. Make sure to check out my intro video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

For Business Inquiries you can use Contact Page on the site.

Thanks for all your support, good luck learning and wish you all the best on interview and pre-employment test!!!