How to Pass Marathon Petroleum Job Interview and Hiring Assessment Test


  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation is a leading energy company specializing in the refining, transporting, and marketing of petroleum products, known for its commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and innovation.
  • To succeed in the hiring process, candidates need a blend of technical expertise relevant to their desired role, strong problem-solving abilities, effective communication skills, and a deep understanding of safety practices and environmental regulations.
  • Preparation for the pre-employment assessment test is crucial, as it evaluates not only technical knowledge and cognitive abilities but also alignment with Marathon Petroleum’s core values and workplace culture.
  • By thoroughly preparing for this assessment, candidates can demonstrate their proficiency and commitment to the standards and challenges unique to the energy sector, significantly enhancing their chances of joining the Marathon Petroleum team.

What is Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is an American petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation company that has grown to become one of the largest in its industry within the United States. Its history, sprawling products and services, and some intriguing facts paint a comprehensive picture of a company deeply integrated into the energy sector, providing a wealth of opportunities for potential job seekers.

Company History

Marathon Petroleum's roots can be traced back to 1887 with the founding of The Ohio Oil Company, which was later acquired by Standard Oil. It became an independent company again after Standard Oil's breakup in 1911. Over the decades, it underwent significant growth, mergers, and transformations, reflecting the dynamic nature of the energy industry. In 2011, Marathon Petroleum Corporation was formed as a separate entity from Marathon Oil, focusing on downstream operations. Since then, MPC has expanded its operations through strategic acquisitions, including the purchase of Andeavor in 2018, significantly increasing its refinery capacity and market reach.

Company Products and Services

Marathon Petroleum's operations span across the refining, marketing, and transportation of petroleum products. Its refineries are capable of processing significant amounts of crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, and other petroleum products, which are essential for both consumer and industrial use. Through its marketing operations, Marathon Petroleum sells fuel and products to consumers primarily under the Marathon brand, which is well-known for its retail locations across the U.S. Additionally, the company operates the Speedway LLC chain of convenience stores, one of the largest in the country, providing not just fuel but also a variety of goods to customers. On the logistics and transportation front, MPC manages pipelines, terminals, and waterborne transport operations, ensuring the efficient and safe distribution of crude oil and refined products.

Interesting Facts
  • Environmental Stewardship: Marathon Petroleum is deeply invested in environmental sustainability, working on reducing emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and investing in renewable energy projects.
  • Community Engagement: MPC is known for its strong commitment to community involvement, supporting a wide range of charitable causes and initiatives aimed at education, safety, and community development.
  • Employee Development: The company places a high value on employee development and training, offering numerous programs for career growth and leadership development. This commitment to its workforce is a critical component of its corporate culture.
Importance for Job Seekers

Understanding Marathon Petroleum’s rich history, its comprehensive array of products and services, and its dedication to sustainability, community, and employee development is crucial for job seekers. These aspects highlight MPC’s role as a leader in the energy sector, its resilience, and adaptability through changing market dynamics, and its commitment to ethical business practices. For those looking to join MPC, aligning with these values, being prepared to contribute to a culture of safety and integrity, and demonstrating a willingness to engage in continuous learning and development are keys to securing a position and succeeding within the company.

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Marathon Petroleum is structured to identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience but also align with the company's culture and values. This process, while rigorous, is designed to ensure that both the company and the candidates find the right fit. Here's a detailed look at the steps involved and the importance of preparation at each stage, particularly for job interviews and assessment tests.

Application and Resume Submission

The journey begins with submitting an application and resume through Marathon Petroleum's career portal. Given the competitive nature of positions, tailoring your resume to highlight relevant experience and skills that match the job description is crucial.

Screening Process

Selected candidates are usually contacted for a preliminary screening, which may involve a phone call or video interview with a recruiter. This step assesses basic qualifications and fit for the role. Practicing common interview questions and preparing to speak concisely about your experience can be beneficial.

Assessment Tests

Depending on the role, candidates may be required to complete online assessment tests. These could cover a range of topics from technical knowledge specific to the role, cognitive abilities, to personality fit. Practicing similar assessments available online can greatly enhance your performance by familiarizing you with the format and types of questions asked.

In-depth Interviews

Successful candidates are then invited to more in-depth interviews, which could be with the hiring manager and other team members. These interviews can be technical or behavioral. For technical interviews, reviewing key industry concepts, tools, and technologies is essential. For behavioral interviews, practicing the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure responses effectively can help convey your competencies and how you handle workplace situations.

Case Studies or Presentations

Some roles may require candidates to complete case studies or presentations. This is particularly common for positions in strategy, analytics, or management. Preparing for these involves understanding the company's business model, current industry trends, and being able to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. Practice presenting your findings clearly and confidently.

Final Interview and Offer

The final stage often involves a last interview with senior management or HR to discuss salary expectations, benefits, and other job specifics. Negotiation skills can be practiced beforehand, as well as preparing thoughtful questions that show your interest in the role and the company.

Importance of Practicing

The emphasis on practicing for interviews and assessments cannot be overstated. It helps in several ways:

  • Boosts Confidence: Familiarity with the types of questions and scenarios you might face will make you more confident during the actual interviews and tests.
  • Highlights Your Best Self: Practice allows you to refine how you present your skills, experiences, and achievements, ensuring you highlight what makes you a standout candidate.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Knowing you've prepared thoroughly can significantly reduce interview anxiety, allowing you to focus on delivering your best performance.
  • Improves Performance: Regular practice enhances your ability to perform under pressure, particularly during timed assessments or challenging interview questions.

Ultimately, thorough preparation and practice are key to navigating Marathon Petroleum's hiring process successfully. It demonstrates your seriousness about the opportunity and your professionalism, significantly increasing your chances of joining their team.

Job Interview Questions

Being well-prepared for a variety of questions, demonstrating a strong fit with the company’s culture, and showing a clear understanding of the role and industry are crucial steps to succeed in a job interview with Marathon Petroleum. Your goal is to leave the interviewers with a clear sense of your strengths, how you align with the company’s values, and your ability to contribute meaningfully to their team.

How to Succeed in a Job Interview
  1. Research the Company: Understand Marathon Petroleum's history, mission, values, and recent news. This knowledge demonstrates your genuine interest in the company.
  2. Understand the Role: Clearly comprehend the job description, required skills, and how your experience aligns with the role's responsibilities.
  3. Practice Common and Technical Questions: Be prepared for both behavioral questions and technical inquiries specific to the position you're applying for.
  4. Prepare Your Questions: Have insightful questions ready to ask your interviewer about the role, team, and company culture.
  5. Dress Appropriately: Choose professional attire that matches the company's dress code.
  6. Follow Up: Send a thank-you email within 24 hours, reiterating your interest and why you’re a good fit.
Typical and Interesting & Unusual Interview Questions

Typical Questions

  1. "Tell me about yourself."
    • Recommended Answer: Provide a succinct summary of your career highlights, emphasizing experiences relevant to the position you're applying for.
  2. "Why do you want to work at Marathon Petroleum?"
    • Recommended Answer: Mention specific aspects of the company that align with your career goals, such as its commitment to sustainability or innovative approaches in the energy sector.
  3. "Describe a challenging situation you faced at work and how you dealt with it."
    • Recommended Answer: Use the STAR method to describe the situation, your task, the action you took, and the result of your actions.
Interesting & Unusual Questions
  1. "If you were a brand, which one would you be and why?"
    • Recommended Answer: Choose a brand that reflects qualities important to the role and explain how its attributes relate to your own values and skills.
  2. "How would you explain a complex technical issue to someone without a technical background?"
    • Recommended Answer: Demonstrate your communication skills by simplifying a technical concept, indicating your ability to make complex information accessible.
Considerations for Job Seekers
  • Cultural Fit: Marathon Petroleum values safety, integrity, and teamwork. Show how you embody these values through your past experiences and mindset.
  • Technical Proficiency: Especially for technical roles, be ready to discuss your specific skills and knowledge in detail. Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies can also be beneficial.
  • Behavioral Insights: Your answers to behavioral questions should reflect your ability to work in a team, navigate challenges, and adapt to change.
  • Enthusiasm and Vision: Convey your enthusiasm for the role and how you see yourself contributing to the company's future successes.

Assessment Test

The Marathon Petroleum pre-employment assessment test is a crucial step in the company's hiring process, designed to evaluate potential candidates' aptitudes, skills, and compatibility with the company’s values and job requirements.

Marathon Petroleum, like many large corporations, uses pre-employment assessment tests because they offer a systematic approach to evaluating job candidates beyond what can be gleaned from resumes and interviews alone. These tests provide valuable insights into a candidate's ability to perform specific job functions, adapt to the company’s work environment, and contribute to the team’s success. Furthermore, they help to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process by quickly identifying individuals who possess the desired qualities and skills needed for the role, thereby ensuring that the company maintains a high standard of employee performance and team cohesion.

The Marathon Petroleum Job Skills Test (JST) is a comprehensive assessment designed to gauge candidates' proficiency in fundamental areas such as basic mathematics, mechanical knowledge, and additional key competencies through a detailed series of multiple-choice questions. Tailored to the position applied for, this robust evaluation consists of around 90 questions and spans an extensive duration of 3.5 hours. Recognizing the critical nature of this assessment, Marathon Petroleum advises candidates to prepare thoroughly and ensure adequate rest before the test, emphasizing the importance of mitigating test anxiety and fatigue.

The aptitude portion of the test covers essential topics like basic arithmetic, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, gauge reading, principles of tank filling, and verbal memory exercises. Moreover, specialized assessments such as the Marathon Refinery Operator Exam delve into more complex areas, including fluid mechanics/physics, and feature unique challenges like identifying overlapping sets of lines among various sets. Although specific preparation resources for this latter task are not directly provided, Marathon does offer a glimpse into the nature of the test with sample questions available for prospective applicants, giving them a foundational understanding of what to expect and how best to prepare.

While the specific tests administered can vary based on the position being applied for, there are general outlines and objectives common to these assessments.

Typical Test Outline and Topics Covered
  1. Aptitude Tests: These tests measure critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to learn and apply new information. Topics might include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning.
  2. Technical Skills Tests: For roles that require specific technical skills, such as engineering or IT positions, candidates may undergo tests designed to assess their proficiency in relevant areas, including software knowledge, mathematical calculations, or technical problem-solving.
  3. Personality Assessments: These aim to evaluate a candidate's work style, behavior, and cultural fit with Marathon Petroleum. Questions might cover teamwork, leadership potential, adaptability, and integrity.
  4. Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs): SJTs present candidates with hypothetical, job-related situations, asking them to choose the most (or least) effective response from a set of options. These tests assess decision-making skills, problem-solving abilities, and how a candidate might handle workplace challenges.
Test Objectives

The primary objectives of these pre-employment assessments are to:

  • Identify the Best Fit: Determine which candidates possess the skills, competencies, and personality traits that align with the specific requirements of the job and the company's culture.
  • Predict Job Performance: Use standardized measures to predict a candidate’s future job performance and potential for success within the company.
  • Ensure Fairness: Provide an objective basis for comparing candidates, thereby reducing biases that can occur in the hiring process.
  • Streamline the Hiring Process: Efficiently identify top candidates from a large pool of applicants, saving time and resources in the selection process.

Upon progressing past the initial screening phase and completing the online application, qualified candidates will receive a link to undertake their specific assessment. The content and focus of the test vary, reflecting the demands of the position and the candidate's prior experience. For instance, an individual applying for a Junior Refinery Operator role would be asked to complete the Refinery Operator Trainee Basic Skills Test, showcasing the company's commitment to evaluating role-specific skills and knowledge.

Marathon Petroleum offers a wide range of employment opportunities across various sectors, including transportation, engineering and construction, finance and accounting, IT, health/environment/safety/security (HES&S), marketing, and midstream operations. To accurately assess the requisite competencies for these diverse fields, each role is associated with a customized Job Skills Test.

Candidates who successfully pass their assessment will have their scores retained on file for one year, facilitating future application processes within the company.


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Marathon Petroleum Careers

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) offers a diverse range of career opportunities across various sectors of the energy industry. Each role is critical to the company's operations, from refining and marketing to logistics and corporate functions. Below are some typical job titles at Marathon Petroleum, along with their responsibilities, and insight into potential career paths and growth opportunities within the company.

Refinery Operator


  • Monitor and operate equipment in refinery operations.
  • Ensure the safe and efficient processing of crude oil into specified products.
  • Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of equipment to ensure operational integrity.

Career Path: Starting as a Refinery Operator, individuals can progress to supervisory positions, such as Shift Supervisor or Operations Manager, eventually leading to senior operational roles within the refinery.

Process Engineer


  • Design and optimize processes to improve efficiency and safety in the production of petroleum products.
  • Work on project teams to implement new technology and equipment.
  • Analyze operational data to identify opportunities for improvement.

Career Path: Process Engineers can advance to Senior Process Engineer, Engineering Manager, and potentially to Plant Manager or higher management roles, focusing on strategic planning and operational excellence.

Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHSS) Specialist


  • Implement and oversee environmental and safety programs to comply with regulatory standards.
  • Conduct risk assessments and audits, providing training and support to ensure workplace safety.
  • Develop and implement emergency response plans.

Career Path: EHSS Specialists can move into roles such as EHSS Manager, Director of EHSS for a region or division, and ultimately senior leadership positions focusing on corporate sustainability and compliance.

Transport Driver


  • Safely transport petroleum products from refineries to distribution centers, retail locations, or end users.
  • Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure vehicle safety.
  • Comply with all federal and state regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials.

Career Path: Transport Drivers can progress to Trainer, Safety Coordinator, or into management positions within logistics and transportation operations, focusing on efficiency and safety protocols.

Financial Analyst


  • Analyze financial data to support business decisions.
  • Prepare financial reports, budget forecasts, and conduct variance analysis.
  • Assist in the financial planning and strategy development.

Career Path: Starting as a Financial Analyst, career growth can lead to Senior Analyst, Finance Manager, Director of Finance, and even to executive roles like CFO, where strategic financial management and corporate finance are key responsibilities.

IT Specialist


  • Support and maintain IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Assist employees with technical issues and contribute to IT projects.
  • Ensure cybersecurity measures are in place and effective.

Career Path: IT Specialists can advance to roles such as IT Project Manager, IT Director, and ultimately CTO, focusing on the strategic integration of technology to support business objectives.

Career Growth at Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is committed to employee development and offers various programs and initiatives to support career growth, including mentorship opportunities, professional development courses, and leadership training. The company encourages internal mobility, allowing employees to explore different roles and departments to broaden their skills and experiences. MPC's focus on succession planning and talent development ensures that employees have a clear pathway for advancement, reinforcing its reputation as a company where career growth and opportunities abound.

Qualifications of Ideal Employee

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is known for its commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility within the energy sector. The ideal employee at Marathon Petroleum embodies a blend of technical skills, ethical standards, and a commitment to safety and sustainability. Understanding the company culture, specific values, and the qualities and experiences MPC looks for during the hiring process can significantly prepare job seekers for success in interviews and assessment tests.

Company Culture and Specific Values

Safety and Environmental Stewardship: Safety is paramount at Marathon Petroleum, with an unwavering commitment to protecting employees, communities, and the environment. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of safety practices and a personal commitment to environmental stewardship.

Integrity and Respect: MPC values integrity and expects employees to uphold the highest ethical standards in all dealings. Respect for colleagues, customers, and community members is crucial, reflecting the company’s inclusive culture.

Teamwork and Collaboration: The ability to work effectively within diverse teams, contributing to shared goals and supporting colleagues, is highly valued. Marathon Petroleum seeks individuals who can thrive in a collaborative environment.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement: A forward-thinking mindset, with a focus on innovation and a drive for continuous improvement, aligns with MPC’s goals to lead in the energy sector through efficiency and technological advancements.

Community Engagement: MPC is deeply involved in the communities where it operates, seeking employees who are eager to contribute to community engagement and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Qualities and Experiences Sought During the Hiring Process

Relevant Technical Expertise: For technical roles, MPC looks for specific qualifications and hands-on experience relevant to the position, whether in engineering, logistics, IT, or environmental science.

Problem-Solving Skills: The ability to tackle challenges creatively and effectively is prized, particularly for roles that involve operational or technical problem-solving.

Leadership Potential: Even for entry-level positions, demonstrating potential for leadership and the ability to take initiative can set candidates apart.

Adaptability: Given the dynamic nature of the energy industry, adaptability and the willingness to embrace change are crucial traits.

Considerations for Job Seekers

Understand MPC’s Business and Challenges: Research Marathon Petroleum’s operations, industry standing, and current challenges. This knowledge will allow you to tailor your responses to demonstrate how you can contribute to the company’s objectives.

Reflect MPC’s Values in Your Application and Interview: Highlight experiences and achievements that align with MPC’s values, such as leading a safety initiative, participating in community service, or contributing to a team project.

Prepare for Technical Questions: For roles that require specific technical skills, review key concepts and be prepared to discuss your experience and problem-solving approach in detail.

Practice for Behavioral Questions: Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to prepare concise, impactful stories that showcase your skills and values in action.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Continuous Learning: Show that you are proactive about professional development, whether through formal education, certifications, or self-directed learning projects.

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewers: Asking insightful questions about the company’s strategies, culture, and the specifics of the role demonstrates your interest and engagement.

By aligning your application and interview preparation with Marathon Petroleum’s ideal employee profile and company values, you can significantly increase your chances of success in the hiring process. Showcasing how your experiences, qualities, and values align with what MPC seeks in candidates is key to standing out as a strong fit for the company.

Practice Marathon Petroleum Assessment

How to Succeed on the Test

Practicing before taking a Marathon Petroleum hiring assessment test is a strategic investment in a candidate's success.

It not only enhances familiarity with the test but also enables candidates to fine-tune their skills, manage time effectively, and build the confidence needed to perform at their best. Regular, targeted practice is a key component of successful test preparation.

Here's a detailed breakdown of why practicing is important and how it helps job candidates pass the test:

  • Familiarity with Test Format: Practicing exposes candidates to the specific format of the assessment, including the structure of the questions, the time constraints, and any unique features of the test. This familiarity helps reduce anxiety and nervousness during the actual test, allowing candidates to navigate the assessment with more confidence.
  • Understanding Question Types: Different assessments include various question types, whether they are related to cognitive abilities, personality traits, or job-related skills. Practicing enables candidates to understand the types of questions they might encounter, whether it's numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, or others. Recognizing question patterns allows candidates to develop effective strategies for each type.
  • Identifying Areas of Weakness: Through practice, candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses in different areas assessed by the test. Recognizing areas of weakness allows candidates to focus their efforts on improvement, whether it involves brushing up on certain skills or learning specific strategies to approach particular question types more effectively.
  • Time Management Skills: Assessment tests are often timed, and effective time management is crucial. Practicing helps candidates develop strategies for allocating time wisely across different sections, ensuring that they can complete the test within the given timeframe. This is particularly important for cognitive aptitude tests where time pressure is a common factor.
  • Building Confidence: Confidence plays a significant role in test performance. As candidates practice and become more comfortable with the test format and question types, their confidence levels increase. This heightened confidence positively impacts their ability to approach questions calmly, make reasoned decisions, and perform optimally.
  • Improving Performance: Regular practice contributes to skill improvement and enhances overall performance. Whether it's refining mathematical abilities, honing critical thinking skills, or becoming more adept at interpreting graphs and data, candidates who practice consistently are likely to see improvement in the areas assessed by the test.
  • Reducing Test Anxiety: Assessment tests can be stressful, especially if candidates are unprepared. Practicing serves as a form of stress inoculation, helping candidates manage anxiety by providing a sense of control and preparedness. Familiarity with the test conditions and content contributes to a more relaxed and focused test-taking experience.
  • Customizing Study Strategies: Through practice, candidates can determine which study methods and strategies work best for them. Some may benefit from more frequent, shorter practice sessions, while others may prefer more extended study periods. Understanding one's optimal study approach can maximize the effectiveness of preparation efforts.

Practice is crucial for success in assessment tests as it familiarizes individuals with the test format, refines their skills, and enhances their confidence.

Why Prepare with JobTestPrep Practice Materials

  1. Realistic Test Simulation: JobTestPrep provides practice tests that accurately replicate the format and difficulty level of the actual test, allowing you to prepare effectively for the real assessment.
  2. Eliminate Stress by Practicing Time Management Practice: Practicing with time limits helps you improve your speed and accuracy during the test, ensuring you can efficiently complete all sections within the allotted time.
  3. Get Detailed Feedback and Customized Study Plan: JobTestPrep's practice tests offer detailed feedback and personalized study plans based on your performance, enabling targeted improvement and optimized study time.

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Next Step: Prepare for the Assessment Test

Getting ready for the Marathon Petroleum pre-employment assessment test might seem challenging, but engaging in thorough practice beforehand is a pivotal step that can markedly elevate your likelihood of success. By dedicating time to practice, you not only familiarize yourself with the test format but also enhance your skills and confidence, ultimately positioning yourself for a more successful outcome in the assessment process.

The Marathon Job Skills Test PrepPack Includes:

  • 6 measurements, gauges, and charts reading tests
  • 16 math tests, including basic calculations and math word problems
  • 12 mechanical and physical tests
  • 12 logical deduction tests
  • 5 reading comprehension tests
  • 7 study guides and video tutorials for various subjects

Using JobTestPrep practice materials can be an effective way to prepare for the employment assessment test, helping you to build confidence and increase your chances of success. By following these tips and practicing regularly, you can improve your chances and succeed on the test.

All the best on your job interview and assessment test! Good luck & I truly hope you will get hired soon!

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