Target Employment Assessment Test: Questions and Answers

Are you applying for Target cashier, Target Associate, Target Manager, Target Corporate or another position at Target? Target's assessment test can be taken only once every of six months and usually consists of personality and behavioral questions. We have has Target Test preparation packages to get you ready for the Target assessment tests and Job Application. Take timed practice tests, track your scores, and ensure you get noticed. Get prepared for your Target test today and apply with confidence.

The best preparation resources for you to Get Ready for Target Test are:

What is Target Corporation

  • Target is one of the largest merchandise retailer with stores in the United States and other parts of the world
  • Target is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, its hometown since the first Target store opened in 1962 under the name "The Dayton Company"
  • Target has stores in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
  • 75% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Target store.
  • Target Corporation employs 400,000+ team members
  • Target company branding is "Expect More. Pay Less." This branding was used by Target since 1994!
  • Target's CEO since August 2014 is Brian Cornell.

Target Personality Test

As part of Target hiring process, high chances you will be required to pass the Target personality test to check your work personality profile. You work personality profile represent the range in varied traits you possess and behave in a daily work situation. For specific position different range of position is required. For example, as a future manager, you are expected to have high ability to make decisions. What most candidates don't know, is that you can prepare for such a test and practice basic general guidelines appropriate for all personality tests. We designed a 219 question personality test, with study guides and score report to help you do just that and achieve the best score possible.


Target Job Application Process

As part of Target hiring process, you will come across the Target Application Questionnaire. After completing five steps on your job application - including background information, your resume, references, and preferences - the questionnaire will appear on your screen. The Target Application Questionnaire, provided usually by the Kenexa company, is a personality assessment. The test is made of multiple choice questions relevant to personality, situational judgment, and your personal background. The Target assessment test should take between 20-30 minutes to complete.

While looking for open positions in Target, you'll probably find cashier, manager and intern\summer internship. Keep reading to view Target application questions & answers.


Target Interview Process Preparation

Interviews are the most nerve-wracking part of the Target’s hiring process. You do not only need to behave with confidence on the interview but also know answers to the trickiest questions posed by your recruiters. Follow the Target interview tips bellow and Target interview questions to increase you chances in landing the Target interview process.

Target Interview Tips

Questions usually asked on the Target phone interview and face-to-face interviews are competency-based. They are designed to evaluate your professionalism and whether you will integrate well into the new working environment. To sound even more knowledgeable, browse the Target’s website and learn about its business objectives. Bellow are Target interview questions you can prepare with for your Target interviews.

Target Job Interview Questions

Previous candidates and Target employees were asked the questions below during the Target interview process and Target phone interview:

If we call your last work manager and asked what you improved while you worked there, what will they say?
Please describe me a situation when you were interrupted in the middle of a task, how did you handle that situation?
Please describe me a situation you had to work with an employee you disagree with and how did you handle it
Please describe me a situation you succeeded in improving a problematic situation with a positive mental attitude.


Target Application Questions & Answers

Why Does Target Use Pre-Hire Personality Tests?

Personality tests are used to assist your interviewer in obtaining a better-rounded profile of your workplace suitability, more so than a written resume can. Target uses these tests to ensure that they will be hiring someone who fits the position’s competencies and their company standards. There are technically no right or wrong answers on a personality test, however, certain answers can have an adverse effect on your overall personality profile and may hinder your ability of being considered for the position.

What Type of Questions can I expect on the SJT?

Job seekers often underestimate the importance of the SJT. During your testing, you will come across two type of questions, which are ranked items and multiple-choice answers. In the ranked questions, only the first answer has to be correct, while in the multiple-choice answers you might have to choose the best of all three. In the latter, all must be correct. The SJT is designed to bring your knowledge and skills out from the textbooks and into real work scenarios. Remember that the test grades both you aptitude and hands-on knowledge, so come prepared.


Target Job Interview Questions and Answers

Target job Interview Test Questions

Tell me about yourself


Considerations when answering this questions

Thank you for inviting me to this job interview today. My name is (YOUR NAME), and I am an enthusiastic, happy, and self-motivated person who prides himself on continuous achievement and high standards.
Before applying for this position, I read the job description, and I already have the qualities needed to get up to speed quickly in the role. I am a finisher and someone who can be counted upon to complete a task on schedule. And to a high degree, I am dependable, versatile, adaptable, and willing to perform duties outside my job description. My educational credentials are a fantastic match for this position, and I have experience working in teams, and with clients, so I can get started immediately. I have a history of accomplishments. In my previous position, I was frequently recognized for my work pace and ability to accomplish more than the average worker. "If hired, I will embrace change, serve as a company role model, and take responsibility for my continued development.


What is the smallest non-negative number that can be described with unique letters?

Which of the following squares comes next in the sequence?

Sample Target Aptitude Assessment Test Questions

Identify the item which doesn’t belong to the group.



What is the smallest non-negative number that can be described with unique letters?

Which of the following squares comes next in the sequence?

Target Assessment Test Tips and Tricks

TIP #1 – What are the Smartest Ways to Prepare for Assessment Test?

  • Identify the type of test you will be required to complete and practice by finding and taking as many tests as you possibly can
  • Companies most of the time work with test providers. Find the provider your employer might be using and use outlines from Test provider (, SkillsCheck, IKM, SHL and others ) on their web site to review their sample questions
  • Some providers help you prepare for the test and might offer practice test: use their materials to get ready.
  • When practicing the test simulate real test conditions: set a time time constraint – when practicing sample questions, be sure to give yourself between 30 seconds to one minute to solve each question.
  • Learn from your mistakes: don’t just skim through the answers and explanations but try to understand the patterns and rationale for the explained answers to make sure you will not make similar mistakes in the future.
  • When unsure about the answer, use elimination method: if you can’t seem to find the correct answer, rule out answer choices to make your estimated guess more probable.

TIP #2 – Best Practices from the Test Day:

  • If possible, try to schedule test in the morning, when you have high levels of energy
  • Get a good sleep before the test.
  • Do not take a test if you are tired
  • Read Question carefully (ideally more than once)
  • Answer easy questions first (if you have a choice)
  • This would allow you to leave harder questions for the end, but you will get easy answers in
  • Validate your answer with more than one method (i.e. Common sense, Manual Calculations, Use Calculator etc.)

TIP #3 – How to Prepare and Pass Assessment Test:

  • Be prepared for taking Assessment Test at Home: you might be monitored and timed during the test by provider using your laptop's camera to observe what you might be doing
  • Anticipate questions based on the job position
  • You can skip questions; however, most likely you will not be allowed to go back to them.
  • Today most tests are administered online, but most test providers allow you to use pen and scratch paper. Some providers also allow you to use a calculator
  • Research and practice before the test
  • Reflect after the test and take notes right after the test. During your preparation sessions use these notes to get ready for next test
  • Improve your skills in between tests by taking practice tests and timing yourself

Next Step: Download Top 50 Target IQ & Aptitude Assessment Test Questions and Answers

Target Aptitude Test Questions and Answers is everything you need to get ready for Target Aptitude Assessment Test. A Target Aptitude Test is an pre-employment hiring exam, which is used by to determine an how well candidate is prepared to succeed in a given activity. It also ensures that candidate has a good grasp and can solve business problems, using the data presented to help make business decision for the organization.  In addition to the practice questions and answers in this PDF EBook you will also learn about strategies to successfully pass  Assessment Test, most efficient ways to get prepared, time management tips for exam preparations, tips and tricks to answer different types of questions and much more.

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