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Hi there, my name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I work as an Information Technology Consultant and Educator. Throughout my consulting career, I had to study a lot of tools and technologies and I love to share my knowledge with others. I love teaching people and excited about sharing my knowledge with you.

A lot of jobs today require a variety of different skills and companies would like to make sure that candidates have all required knowledge to be successful on the job. Online Training for Everyone site was created with the mission to help You get hired for your dream job. On this site, you will find everything you need to get prepared for the job interview and assessment test: typical interview questions and answers, sample assessment test questions, technology tutorials, free downloads, and a lot more.

Most of the items on the site are available to you for free, but we charge a small fee on some of the products to pay for the site hosting and other required expenses. There are multiple different ways you can learn the material to help you get prepared:

JobTestPrep Employment Assessment Test Practice & Preparation Resources

Sample Tests, Tutorials and Practice Materials from our trusted partner JobTestPrep to get You hired and take Your Career to the next level

Practice Now

Sample Excel Test Question: How to Pass Excel Test: INDEX & MATCH Questions and Answers

Refresh your Microsoft Excel skills and learn how to get ready for the Microsoft Excel Assessment test with this video tutorial.

Test your Readiness for IQ and Aptitude Employment Assessment Test

Employers change questions on the tests regularly and we publish most recent questions and update our Ebooks and resources with the most recent ones used on the test. Check your readiness with the most recent question you can find on the test below:

How Many Squares?

Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Smiling and being friendly is essential for your success during the job interview. It makes you feel better, improves your memory recall and make you more creative during the conversation with the hiring manager.

Learn Job Interview Body Language Tips and Tricks in this Quick Video to help you Pass the Job Interview & Get Hired.

IQ Test: Real IQ Test Questions and Answers! With Solutions!

Review this simple IQ test to see how challenging it might be for you! Have fun and don't forget to check out the resources to help you get ready for the test.

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Michael Barreto-Obi

yo! THANKS FOR THE HELP. I am a university stuent in America that half assed the excel! class for my marketing major but I decided to take the summer and learn whats illy important. I used plenty of your videos and now I can do all the things you described in this video. I now run a small ecommerce business hat brings me 700-1000 dollars a week of profit on average and usin g excel! has been the best wehn tracking finances. Thanks so much. Without this I wouldnt gave my organizaion in check! Thanks so much again.


Another excellent tutorial. I opened my own blank worksheet and copied the original and used pause to carry out step by step what was taught. I'm proud of my work and my 3-D chart all within the print area. This style of tutorial works really well for me. Thank you so much, Vadim you are the Best.


I just wanted to say thank you!! I took a performance exam today and your videos helped me ace it. Your practice excel sheet literally taught me everything I had to know. Thank you!

Yash Dalsaniya

Thanks for the video sir ! I just completed the quiz successfully ! 7 questions were asked same way in the video ! Will definitely learn Excel now ! However it's not required for me but good to have Excel knowledge

OLinda Smolinski

Thank you!! I just passed my excel test that I needed to be promoted!! olikos

You Already Know

Thanks for the tutorial. Had my interview/ performance excel test today. I used some of your tips. They came in handy. I will know in two weeks if I got the gig. Thanks!!!

Barry FitzHugh

Vadim, outstanding classroom instruction methodology, sir, very helpful, love the soothing background music, your meticulous attention to detail makes for indelible subject matter retention, Bravo! Bravo!

Sam H

OMG. This was perfect. I'm about to go to a job interview. This was a great refresher for any questions I may be asked. Thank you again!

Podina Tutorials

insane and in perfect Tutorial. thanks ! Would love to see more Tutorials form you, more in depth with examples, than the one you made.

Jay Hennigan

Vadim, your uploads are really helpful for me as I'm a relative newbie to Excel. I think your style of presenting is perfect for demonstrating Excel and I'm very grateful for the Bonus question at the end as I'm learning financial mathematics. Thanks again brother, keep up the good work!

Karla Eusebio

Thank you so much! I always get anxious during excel practical examinations because I only know basics. This helped me a lot.

RoseRose RoseRose

Am learning a lot. Thank you very much my friend. Bless you.

Alpha Male

Great information and excellent information. Just what I needed to pass my Excel Employment Interview. Kudos to you and good for me. Muchas gracias and thanks very much.

Bass Monkey

Im in 8th grade and this was very very helpful to get me to pass my excel certification!!


Excellent teacher! I like your accent. Your demeanor comes across patient, eager to teach, ability to give relatable examples. English is very good well spoken. Comprehensive knowledge of the subject being taught with multiple strategies to teach.

Uroos Punyali

Thank you very much, your presentation is very useful to learn to excel. God bless you.


This information is excellent the way you explain it, thank you!


I found your vloopups . Hoping it is as great as your other video . You are a great Teacher

doo ghand

great.. thanks clot, with you all the best

Saiful Azri Ayob

very helpful sir


Wow it not only gives you the right answer but also helps you to understand the right answer ... Thank you so much this helped a

John Czech

Wow! Excellent stuff here. Lots to learn about and thank you for making it...


I am so happy to have found your channel! Great refresher course I went ahead and bought your practice course. Thank you so very much!

Connella Cyrus

Thanks a MILLION. I've learnt so much. You are a very good teacher. Thank you!!

Gilbert K

Thank you for the Video. I just aced the assessment. I was a little scared though because only about 5 of the questions from here came but I wouldn't have passed this if not of this video, gracias.

Lewis Yaworski

Online Training for Everyone This is your best excel video by far! Great tips on business related questions that could be asked during an interview and including new features for excel 365..

Rami Khairallah

I want to salute you for your unique way of presenting the video, highly informative, for the first time I can say I found a rea user-friendly educational video format, looking forward to what is more to be shared thanks a lot!

Anish Agarwal

Thank you very much for guiding me on how to approach these questions in the first attempt I failed becoz I thought I was pro in excel but unfortunately I wasn't. But in 2nd I passed excel as well as word wow


You are a lifesaver. Thanks a MILLION!!! And a million likes from me.

goia denis

Thank you for the good work, sir!

ND Gee

omg, nice contents! it helped a lot...

csda sauer

Love how you take time to review all the answer choices and teach the material so thoroughly at a pace that's easy to stay up with. Thank you!

Saiful Azri Ayob

You just made this topic really simple to understand and to apply. The video edition is great.

Jeremy Holland

Today I took an excel proficiency test. Because I was able to review your content and familiarize myself with excel I was able to pass the test with a 94%. Thank you for the awesome content! Liked, commented, and subscribed!

FAV's Little Corner

Just want to say thank you for making this youtube channel Sir. You are really a great help for everyone, especially to those who are still looking for a job. Good thing I have finally found a channel that can help me grow and to learn more. God bless Sir!

Boris Molokanov

Thank you, Vadim! Found your videos before my first technical interview for the junior sysadmin position. That's weird that this video has such few views. Hope the interview will go well! By the way, always fun to look at the stock videos and pictures - they really do some strange things on it 😀

Ali Coskun

The last time I used excel was in school and I have an interview tomorrow this helped a lot, thank you so much

Dhruv Singh

Hi Thank You! That was excellent. That was very helpful. All the very best!!

Gina Justine Galo

Thank you. Your channel is fantastic! It's clear and concise and I appreciate your effort


You are awesome Sir! I just love the way you explain things.

Jeremy Holland

Today I took an excel proficiency test. Because I was able toreview with your content and familiarize myself with excel I was able to pass the test with a 94%. Thanks you for the awesome content! Liked, commented and subscribed!

Nahian Majid

I have successfully cleared Microsoft excel word and PowerPoint Linkedln tests and employers are reaching out to me. You are in the process of transforming many lives

Sahib Aden

Thanks to your video, I was able to score in the top 5% out of 8.2 M people. Appreciate the help. Liked and Subscribed.

Mujeeb ur Rehman

Sir .the twenty things i have learned from you have not been learned from any institution till in Pakistan    thank you

Reena Sijo

The presentation made me well prepared for aptitude test)

Kimo Boukamba

Thank you. Your other video helped me to pass the PowerPoint assessment. Now I am back for Excel. Subscribe

Shabeena Bano

This presentation make me well prepared for aptitude test and i am ready to give.

Brenda Mutisya

This was super helpful. Thanks

LaSheba Harris

Thank you for the video. I got the job I just failed the excel part I came on YouTube to learn and I am s0000 ready for tomorrow

Taylxn FN

Extremely valuable! Thank you

Xela Zer

Thank you for this usefull video. I have an interview next week with EXCEL basic exercices. This video gave me back the basic knowledge of EXCEL. Merci !!!

Christina Bauert

Thank you so much for all your Excel tutorials. You are a great teacher, articulating the material in a very clear and simple way. I watched a few of them and passed my assessment for a job. Thank you once again for helping people like me to have a chance at landing a good job. I will make sure I share your tutorials with my friends.

Lindiwe Sakanyi

This is very very helpful. I saw this video at the right time and got the job .


Wow, one tutorial I actually understood and followed throughout! Thanks

Jennifer McInnis

This is amazing! Thank you so much for this! You're a great teacher 😀

Husnuye Yasar

Thank you, I have an assessment test, I learn and remember many things .it is very useful

Manyam Rajesh

First of all we are grateful to you for sharing your wisdom to others seek their best jobs at finest level , I will call this as a session which really serves basic logic to clear their test at will


Wow it not only gives you the wright answer but also helps you to understand the wright answer ... Thank you so much this helped a lot.

John Czech

Wow! Excellent stuff here. Lots to learn about and thank you for making it


I am so happy to have found your channel! Great refresher course I went ahead and bought your practice course. Thank you so very much!

Nancy Li

Clear, precise & great communicator!

Gabriela loso

Thank u just passed the test !

ndinacky embanga

Thank you so much

It was very useful and I have an interview today and it really helped me. May God bless you

Shovik Sarangi

So took test for second time, and now in the to 5%! Thank you so much, Online Training for Everyone, for the approach you presented in this video in how to answer the questions. I am very grateful


You are awesome. I have an excel interview assessment in a week and feel very confident thanks to your videos.

David Nguyen

I just found your channel and honestly, it's incredible. I have an aptitude test to take soon and wasn't sure how to prepare for it until i found your page. You are a life saver and please keep doing these!

Zak Martin

Great video, thank you so much.

Terman Pak

Outrageously well-done video. I can't thank you enough.

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