What is An Employment Assessment Test

A pre-employment assessment test is like a quiz that companies ask you to take before they decide if they will offer you a job.

Here's what you need to know about these tests:

  1. Different Types of Tests: Hiring tests can ask about many things. Some check if you have the right skills for the job, like math or writing. Others might ask questions to see how you think or how you act in different situations.
  2. Understand Why Companies Use Them: Companies use these tests to help them pick the best people for their jobs. The tests can show if you have the skills they need and if you will work well with their team.
  3. What It Means for You: Taking these tests can help you show the company what you are good at. It's not just about if you can do the job, but also if you will be happy and fit well with the company's way of doing things.

Free Resources: To help you get hired, we offer free resources on various topics (some with affiliate links to premium materials for more effective preparation). Here are the three best free resources to help you prepare:

  1. Use the search feature on this website to locate your practice test. Alternatively, you can find your test using the menu at the top of the page.
  2. If you are a visual learner, you can find your test on YouTube.
  3. To stay updated, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest tests and current analysis of assessments.

To accelerate your progress, all free resources include premium offerings from our partner's practice tests. You can download free sample test questions or explore the catalog of offerings from JobTestPrep to enroll in the practice training to prepare yourself quickly.

How to search for your test? If you know the name of your assessment, the easiest way to find it is by searching using relevant keywords and clicking "Search" button (e.g., "Excel Test," "TSA," "CCAT").


Why Employers Use Assessments

Private companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, as well as government and civil service organizations, use pre-employment tests during the hiring process to help them decide who to hire. These tests, which are like quizzes, measure various skills such as problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and alignment with the company's culture. Understanding and practicing these tests is crucial for several reasons:

  • Find the Best Match: Pre-employment tests help companies determine if you have the right skills and qualifications for the job. They ensure that you can perform the tasks required effectively and efficiently. Practicing these tests can help you showcase your abilities and increase your chances of matching the job requirements.
  • Ensure Fairness: These tests provide a fair and standardized way for companies to compare all candidates, beyond just resumes and interviews. They level the playing field, giving everyone an equal opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Preparing for these tests ensures you are ready to compete on equal footing with other candidates.
  • Highlight Candiate Strengths: Pre-employment tests can reveal strengths and skills that may not be evident from your resume or interview alone. By practicing, you can better highlight these strengths, making you stand out from other applicants and showcasing your full potential to employers.
  • Determine a Good Fit: These tests assess not only your ability to do the job but also how well you will fit into the company culture and enjoy the work environment. Practicing for these tests can help you understand the company's values and working style, ensuring that you are a good match for the role and will be satisfied in the position.

Practicing pre-employment tests is essential for job candidates. It not only increases your chances of getting hired but also ensures that you find a role where you can thrive and contribute effectively.

  • Confidence and Performance: Regular practice of pre-employment tests builds confidence and improves performance. Familiarity with the types of questions and scenarios you might encounter reduces anxiety and enhances your ability to perform well under pressure.
  • Self-Discovery: Preparing for these assessments allows you to learn more about your skills and areas where you excel. This self-awareness can guide you to roles where you will be most effective and satisfied, helping you find a job that truly fits your strengths and interests.

Assessment Test Samples

Pre-employment assessments can be grouped into various categories based on the skills and competencies they evaluate, and practicing these tests is essential for increasing the chances of being hired.

  • Cognitive Ability Tests: The CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test) and SHL Verify G+ Hiring Test fall into this category, measuring critical thinking, problem-solving, and general cognitive abilities such as verbal, numerical, and inductive reasoning. These tests are crucial for a wide range of job roles and practicing them helps candidates improve their mental agility and accuracy.
  • Technical and Skill-Specific Assessments: Tests like the Epic Systems Technical Assessment, Amazon AWS Assessment Test, and Microsoft Excel Pre-Employment Test evaluate candidates on specific technical skills required for particular roles. These tests are designed to assess proficiency in software, technical problem-solving, and advanced data analysis. Practicing these assessments ensures that candidates can demonstrate the necessary technical expertise confidently.
  • Personality and Work Style Assessments: The Amazon Work Style Test and Korn Ferry Hiring Test evaluate a candidate’s fit within a company’s culture and their potential for leadership roles. These assessments look at work preferences, leadership competencies, and motivational drivers. By practicing these tests, candidates can better understand how their personality aligns with the job and the organization.
  • Job-Specific Scenario Simulations: Amazon Hiring Simulation Practice and Amazon Area Manager & Operations Manager Assessments simulate real-life job scenarios to evaluate how candidates handle work-related situations and decision-making processes. Practicing these simulations helps candidates become familiar with the types of challenges they will face in the role, improving their situational judgment and response strategies.
  • Role-Specific and Industry-Specific Tests: Assessments like the Air Traffic Controller Test (ATSA), Progressive Insurance Assessment, and Procter and Gamble (P&G) Assessment Test are tailored to specific industries and roles. These tests focus on skills such as spatial awareness, customer service, analytical abilities, and company-specific values. Practicing these tests is vital for candidates to adapt their skills to the specific requirements of the job and industry.

Practicing pre-employment assessments allows candidates to refine their skills, build confidence, and increase their chances of performing well during the hiring process, ultimately enhancing their likelihood of securing the job.

I am here to Help You Get Hired

Hello, I am Vadim Mikhailenko. My objective is to simplify assessment tests, making them as straightforward as tying your shoes, if not easier – no judgment here. This is why I created Online Training for Everyone YouTube Channel and this web site to help you pass the test and get hired for your dream job!

My expertise lies in teaching, and I have established this website to share my knowledge and assist you in securing your desired job. While I understand that some questions may appear as challenging as a ninja cat, rest assured, you can solve them with enough preparation.

If your goal is to find the specific assessment test you can use the Search feature or simply navigate to the catalog of all available tests from JobTestPrep. On that page you can take a free assessment and if you choose purchase premium materials to get prepared.

Hard work is crucial for overcoming a fixed mindset, where individuals believe their abilities are unchangeable. By working diligently, job seekers can shift to a growth mindset, recognizing that skills and intelligence can improve with effort and persistence.

This continuous dedication not only enhances their current skill set but also showcases their ability to adapt and grow, a highly valued trait in any job market. Ultimately, hard work is the key to not just meeting but exceeding the evolving demands of employers, ensuring continual personal and professional development.

I firmly believe that every problem has a solution. Together, we will unravel the complexities, decipher the code, and guide you towards achieving your dream job. And I have full confidence that you can prepare for the assessment and get hired! #DreamJobQuest 🌟🧠

How To Find Your Test?

If you know the name of your assessment, the easiest way to find it is by searching using relevant keywords (e.g., "Excel Test," "TSA," "CCAT").

Sometimes, you may need to consider specific assessments relevant to your job situation that might be required to pass job interviews and pre-employment tests. Examples include  Cognitive Test, Personality Test, and Situational Judgement Test

If you are looking for information about Manager and Supervisor interviews, Customer Service roles, or Admin Assistant positions, be sure to click on the provided links to learn more.

Very frequently companies use Microsoft Office Pre-Employment Assessment Tests (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint)

Many knowledge worker jobs require Microsoft Outlook skills, and companies often use relevant assessments to evaluate candidates' proficiency. Some jobs also require Excel Skills. For example very popular Data Analyst job typically requires Excel Skills, consider refreshing your knowledge and practicing the questions related to Microsoft Excel Assessment


Preparation Tip: If you have an upcoming hiring assessment or job interview, start preparing as soon as possible and practice regularly. Consistent practice boosts your confidence and enhances your performance on the actual test, increasing your likelihood of getting hired.

If you know the name of your assessment, the easiest way to find it is by searching using relevant keywords (e.g., "Excel Test," "TSA," "CCAT").



Can't Find Your Test? Download Sample Assessment Test Questions PDF to find the test you need. Or if you still have questions about how to practice for your upcoming test, please contact us, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.