Epic Systems Online Assessment Test: Questions and Answers

If you want to work with Epic on healthcare systems in the increasingly competitive job market, you might need to take an Epic Systems during the hiring process. It includes logic problems, basic mathematical questionnaires, and a traditional English test. If you can pass all those, you will be on your path to becoming an Epic employee! Epic Systems assessment test can be taken only once every of six months and usually consists of personality and behavioral questions. We have has Epic Systems Test preparation packages to get you ready for the Epic Systems assessment tests and Job Application. Take timed practice tests, track your scores, and ensure you get noticed. Get prepared for your Epic Systems test today and apply with confidence.

The best preparation resources for Epic Systems Test are:

  • Epic Systems Technical Problem Solver Test - This practice test prepares you for logic problem solving, basic math questionnaires and English verbal reasoning test. This exam finds potential employees with high cognitive abilities and technical skills. It uses the Epic Systems Technical Skills Assessment- which includes the Technical Problem Solver section, which has Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and reading comprehension questions. You will also be asked to take an interview- Epic Systems interview questions require you to have some coding and spreadsheet skills.
  • Epic Systems Aptitude Test - Very frequently used for Epic Systems Corporate Job Applications to determine fit for the position
  • Epic Systems Wonderlic Test - provides employers with a more in-depth evaluation of candidates’ cognitive abilities and basic skills
  • Epic Systems Microsoft Excel Test - This test is used by Epic Systems for sales analyst jobs, Epic Systems marketing positions or jobs that might require candidates to demonstrate Microsoft Excel skills and knowledge
  • Epic Systems Personality Test - This test is used by Epic Systems Corporation to check candidate's personality profiles to ensure job fit. You work personality profile represent the range in varied traits you possess and behave in a daily work situation. For specific position different range of position is required. For example, as a future manager, you are expected to have high ability to make decisions. What most candidates don't know, is that you can prepare for such a test and practice basic general guidelines appropriate for all personality tests. We designed a 219 question personality test, with study guides and score report to help you do just that and achieve the best score possible.
  • Epic Systems Leadership Test is used to identify and describe individuals' abilities and skills as they refer to leading, managing and directing others and how their characteristics and skills fit into their leadership positions.

What is Epic Systems

  • Epic Systems is a United States based privately held company which develops software for medical records, headquartered in Verona, WI
  • Epic Systems was established in 1979 in Madison, WI
  • Epic Systems revenue in 2018 was 2.9 billion USD
  • Number of employees in Epic Systems is: 10000+ people
  • Epic is an electronic health records system for hospitals and large practices.
  • The Epic charting system includes features such as medical templates, patient history, and referrals so that healthcare providers can deliver the best patient care.
  • Epic Systems Founder and CEO is Judith Faulkner.

What are the typical Epic Systems Jobs

  • Software Developer
  • Technical Solutions Engineer
  • Integration Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Software Developer Intern
  • User Experience Designer
  • Clinical Project Manager
  • and a lot of others


How to Get Ready for Epic Systems Job Application Process

Epic Systems is a worldwide leader in the development of software for healthcare organizations which includes hospitals, academic facilities and safety net providers. Employers aim to acquire applicants who are motivated and passionate about making a difference.

The stages included in the Epic Systems application process are:

  • Application: The first stage consists of completing an online application where applicants can upload their resume. Other methods of applying are through an employee referral or campus recruiter.
  • Telephone Interview: The first interview may be held as a telephone conversation with an HR recruiter in order to get to know candidates better.
  • Assessment Test: In some cases, applicants may be asked to complete several pre-employment exams during the application process.
  • Job Interview: Once the telephone interview is completed, applicants may go through a face-to-face interview in either a one-on-one setting or with an assembly of other candidates. Some interviews may be conducted by a panel of managers and potential co-workers.

As part of Epic Systems hiring process, you will come across the Epic Systems Application Questionnaire. After completing five steps on your job application - including background information, your resume, references, and preferences - the questionnaire will appear on your screen. The Epic Systems Application Questionnaire, provided usually by the Kenexa company, is a personality assessment. The test is made of multiple choice questions relevant to personality, situational judgment, and your personal background. The Epic Systems assessment test should take between 20-30 minutes to complete.


Epic Systems Interview Process Preparation

Interviews are the most nerve-wracking part of the Epic Systems hiring process. You do not only need to behave with confidence on the interview but also know answers to the trickiest questions posed by your recruiters. Follow the Epic Systems interview tips bellow and Epic Systems interview questions to increase you chances in landing the Epic Systems interview process.

Epic Systems Interview Tips

Questions usually asked on the Epic Systems phone interview and face-to-face interviews are competency-based. They are designed to evaluate your professionalism and whether you will integrate well into the new working environment. To sound even more knowledgeable, browse the Epic Systems’s website and learn about its business objectives. Bellow are Epic Systems interview questions you can prepare with for your Epic Systems interviews.

Epic Systems Job Interview Questions

Previous candidates and Epic Systems employees were asked the questions below during the Epic Systems interview process and Epic Systems phone interview:

  • If we call your last work manager and asked what you improved while you worked there, what will they say?
  • Please describe me a situation when you were interrupted in the middle of a task, how did you handle that situation?
  • Please describe me a situation you had to work with an employee you disagree with and how did you handle it
  • Please describe me a situation you succeeded in improving a problematic situation with a positive mental attitude.


Epic Systems Application Questions & Answers

Why Does Epic Systems Use Pre-Hire Personality Tests?

Personality tests are used to assist your interviewer in obtaining a better-rounded profile of your workplace suitability, more so than a written resume can. Epic Systems uses these tests to ensure that they will be hiring someone who fits the position’s competencies and their company standards. There are technically no right or wrong answers on a personality test, however, certain answers can have an adverse effect on your overall personality profile and may hinder your ability of being considered for the position.

What Type of Questions can I expect on the SJT?

Job seekers often underestimate the importance of the SJT. During your testing, you will come across two type of questions, which are ranked items and multiple-choice answers. In the ranked questions, only the first answer has to be correct, while in the multiple-choice answers you might have to choose the best of all three. In the latter, all must be correct. The SJT is designed to bring your knowledge and skills out from the textbooks and into real work scenarios. Remember that the test grades both you aptitude and hands-on knowledge, so come prepared.



Sample IQ and Aptitude Assessment Test Questions

Below sample questions and are designed to give you an idea on what you should expect on the test. In addition to the sample questions you have opportunity to review the answers and explanations. For the best results make sure to go through all the questions one by one and and use below listed recommendations to determine your level of preparation for the upcoming test:

  1. Use timer to measure start time and finish time for the sample questions. You can then calculate your time per question by dividing total time by the number of questions you answered
  2. When planning for the test, plan to stay in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted while completing your sample test
  3. Review your mistakes and learn from the answer explanations provided with your score report.
How to Complete Tasks Faster?

Tips & Tricks to Pass the Test

Practicing sample questions is the key to Pass the Test: Only through practice you  will gain confidence and you will work through the questions more efficiently because you are familiar with the test formats and you know what you need to look for.

Don't miss the details when reading instructions: Key to succeed is to read instructions carefully to ensure that you didn't miss anything. Even though some things seems logical and common sense, often, candidates miss out on very important information by not reading instructions and not understanding what might expected on the test. Some multiple choice questions only have one answer. And some test have multiple answers. Some test are to test if candidate reads the question and follows instructions correctly.

Make Completing the test On-Time a priority: As a candidate you need to ensure that you don’t spend too much time on one question. It might come in handy to use a timer. Even if question seems hard if you see that you spend more than 1 minute on one single question, take your best guess and move on to the next one.

Develop and practice Test-taking strategy: In addition to knowledge of the topic domain you also need to have a test taking strategy. And as part of this strategy you would need to be prepared for a different scenarious. For example if you’re encountering a question in an area you’re not particularly strong in, try to make an educated guess and move on to questions you’re more likely to get right. Also, we advise you to practice. This is the advantage of practicing as through practice, you will build mental memory and habits and increase your chances of succeeding on the test.

Next Step: Get Ready for Assessment Test - Download PDF eBook

The best way to prepare for the test is to own preparation materials by downloading practice tests that match your needs. Unlike other cloud platforms we do not charge your recurring fees and allow your to download PDF, which you can use to get prepared for the assessment test. There is no shipment involved, as soon as payment is processed you can download the preparation material and start practicing.

Advantages of downloading assessment tests in PDF format to get ready for the assessment test:

  • No Recurring Fees - you download the PDF file and only pay for preparation material once
  • You do not need an Internet Connection to practice  (you can download the test on your device and practice in the remote location to get ready for the test more effectively)
  • PDF Assessment Tests are accessible on All Platforms and in any web browser (Operating Systems: MAC, Windows, IOS, Android or Linux. PDF Files can be opened in any browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. PDF format is also device and resolution independent)
  • PDF Assessment Tests are Searchable - you can use search features of your PDF reader to find specific question, tips, recommendation or text you might be looking for
  • You Can make Annotations inside Downloaded PDF Assessment Tests (for example you can highlight questions, that might seem unclear, so you can come back and learn them later)

Top 50 Aptitude Test Questions and Answers is everything you need to get ready for Aptitude  Assessment Test. An Aptitude Test is an pre-employment hiring exam, which is used by to determine an how well candidate is prepared to succeed in a given activity. It also ensures that candidate has a good grasp and can solve business problems, using the data presented to help make business decision for the organization.  In addition to the practice questions and answers in this PDF eBook you will also learn about strategies to successfully pass  Assessment Test, most efficient ways to get prepared, time management tips for exam preparations, tips and tricks to answer different types of questions and much more.

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