Excel Test Question: How to Calculate End of the Month Using Excel Formula

What is Microsoft Excel Test

Microsoft Excel Job Test - used during the pre-employment process to check how proficient candidates are with core Microsoft Excel features and capabilities. The type of Excel test is geared to the job descriptions and capabilities tested are typically related to the knowledge required to succeed on the job. A Microsoft Excel test is a pre-employment hiring assessment that employers use during the recruitment process to check how proficient candidates are with Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets allow users to input and analyze data efficiently, and are used in all kinds of office jobs; as such, Microsoft Excel Assessment Tests are becoming increasingly common. In this post we will learn how to get prepared for Microsoft Excel Pre Employment Test by looking at Top 50 Excel Test for Job Interview Questions and Answers. We are also going to look at how companies conduct excel skills test, how employers test for Excel skills, review sample questions asked as part of Excel Portion of Job Interview and look at the resources to get prepared for each test the fastest way possible. On this page you will learn about Microsoft Excel Assessment Test, Typical questions asked during the test and the best ways to prepare for the Excel Assessment Test.

Why Employers Test Job Candidates?

Assessing a job candidate’s Microsoft Excel proficiency is an important step in making the right hire. The intermediate Microsoft Excel skills test is helpful in learning if a job candidate understands how to manipulate the many functions, tools, and formulas of Excel to present extensive information, identify key trends, or calculate financial and numerical data.

Microsoft Excel is a complex business application which allows companies to record, track, and analyze data and perform very complex modelling and calculations, essential for measuring company performance, maximizing return on investment, and defining goals. Since Microsoft Excel is used in a lot of organizations, employers would like to make sure that candidates has solid Excel skills and experience using the tool. A new employee who can comfortably navigate is prepared to immediately contribute by producing meaningful, data-driven spreadsheets, reports, and graphs to best serve company needs.

Excel Test During Job Interview

There are multiple providers that conduct the tests and each one of the tests is a little different. Most of the time employers use external test providers to conduct the tests.

Because Microsoft Excel is so popular and useful, companies are trying to evaluate candidates by conducting pre-employment assessment test. An Excel Interview Test is a screening process employers use as part of the candidate employment interview to test a potential candidate on their knowledge and proficiency of Microsoft Excel.

Each employer might use a slightly different variation of the Excel test. The Excel Assessment Test typically broken down into a multiple-choice section and an interactive portion. Some tests are timed but some of them do not have a limit on how long applicant can take to answer the questions, but there might be exceptions.

Typical Excel Capabilities Tested as Part of Test

Below is the list of topics candidates are tested for:

  • Follow the correct steps to apply formatting, use formulas or accomplish certain things in spreadsheet
  • Apply styles, use simple fill patterns and apply formatting
  • Identify the proper keyboard shortcuts to accomplish tasks more quickly.
  • Choose the right formula and cell references to automatically calculate values.
  • Perform basic tasks like hiding rows, preventing cell overflow, and pasting data.
  • Use Pivot tables to recognize and make sense of data.
  • Add more than one row or column.
  • Use filters to simplify your data.
  • Remove duplicate data points or sets.
  • Transpose rows into columns.
  • Split up text information between columns.
  • Use these formulas for simple calculations.
  • Get the average of numbers in your cells.
  • Use conditional formatting to make cells automatically change color based on data.
  • Use IF Excel formula to automate certain Excel functions.
  • Use dollar signs to keep one cell's formula the same regardless of where it moves.
  • Use the VLOOKUP function to pull data from one area of a sheet to another.
  • Use INDEX and MATCH formulas to pull data from horizontal columns.
  • Use the COUNTIF function to make Excel count words or numbers in any range of cells.
  • Combine cells using ampersand.
  • Add checkboxes to Excel Document
  • Add Hyperlink a content of the cell to point to  a website or another place in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Add drop-down menus to limit the selection, based on the content from another document
  • Use the format painter to replicate formatting

Since each question comes with a strict time limit (one minute or less), the test will also measure a candidate’s ability to quickly format, isolate and manipulate data under a significant amount of pressure without any outside help.

Hands On Excel Skills and Abilities Evaluated

  • Creating a new spreadsheet from scratch (i.e income statement, balance sheet, marketing report etc)
  • Ability to edit Excel worksheets and workbook by identifying common functions, applying basic keyboard shortcuts, and manipulating columns and rows
  • Ability to apply sorting and filtering options as well as statistical functions to explore and summarize values
  • Executing basic calculations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
  • Writing and formatting Excel column text and titles.
  • Using Excel's auto-fill features and data sorting
  • Adding or deleting columns, rows, and sheets. 
  • Keeping column and row titles visible as you scroll past them in a spreadsheet, so that you know what data you're filling as you move further down the document.
  • Sorting textual and numerical data in alphabetical order.
  • Ability to customize the look and feel of a Excel workbook using cell formatting tools


Excel Test Complexity Levels

Microsoft Excel harbor very basic calculations to very advanced data processing and analysis that requires in-depth knowledge of every tools of Excel. Depending on the position candidate is  applying for you are likely to face a pre-employment Excel test with varying level of difficulty. Microsoft Excel Employment Assessment tests can be categorized into at least three levels of difficulty:

  • Microsoft Excel Basics TestThe basic test will evaluate your skills performing basic Excel functions. This can include anything from printing, formatting cells, inserting tables, and so on. If you have used Excel in the past or familiar with other similar applications you should be able to refresh your skills with the quick tutorial, practice sample excel interview questions to pass assessment test. Basic Excel Test for Interview Candidates is a screening process for entry-level or experienced candidates, including administrative assistants, retail store managers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Representatives, Accountants, Entry level Analysts, or any other position that requires using Microsoft Excel.
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel test: This test requires more than basic knowledge but is not as complex as the advanced level test. The intermediate Microsoft Excel skills test presents candidates with a series of timed questions designed to assess their knowledge of Microsoft Excel. For passing this test, you will need to study and practice in advance using different tools and resources and ideally have practical experience of solving problems with Microsoft Excel. The Intermediate Excel Test is typically offered to evaluate skills of Business Analysts, Project Coordinators, Pricing analysts, SEO Analysts and other professionals, that may be responsible for complex decision making.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel test: This test is designed for job that require to use Excel in a more complex manner. The test will evaluate your skills with pivot tables, pivot charts, creating and managing macros, analyzing data and functions such as INDEX, MATCH, IF, IFS, VLOOKUP, SUMIFS  and other advanced concepts. An advanced Excel user would need to have advanced formula skills and would have a skill and confidence to make his own formula to adapt to any situation. Typically, this test is offered to Senior Professionals, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Financial Analysts and other professionals that may need to use advanced features of Microsoft Excel.

How To Pass Excel Test for Job Interview

Jobs that Require Excel Skills

Excel skills are require to on a lot of jobs to do data analysis, data processing, dashboard building, preparing presentations and support decision making process. Below listed jobs most likely will test candidates using Excel Assessment Test as part of Job Interview and pre-employment hiring process::

  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists manage data repositories inside and outside the databases and extract and process the data to create Pivot tables and pivot charts, use conditional formatting and actively use advanced Excel formulas XLOOKUP, IFERROR, MATCH, COUNTBLANK, VLOOKUP to create advanced documents like Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Marketing budgets and complete other data analysis activities to help facilitate decision making process
  • Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager and SEO Analysts focus on analyzing performance of marketing campaigns and reporting results by using Microsoft Excel features to create Marketing Reports, Marketing Budgets, Marketing projections, charts and graphs to support analytics and decision making
  • Analyst: Analysts conduct research and analyze publicly available or privately collected data in Microsoft Excel to find patterns, trends, and insights that can help in decision-making and planning. 
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers: Accountants and bookkeepers use Microsoft Excel to process ledger transactions, group the data using excel tables, perform complex calculations, like amortization tables and depreciation schedules. They also use it to calculate product cost, allocate overhead, and perform budgeting and forecasting.
  • Auditors and Financial Controller: Auditors use Microsoft Excel to reconcile the data and they utilize advanced features like: Pivot Tables, Pivot charts, Tracking, Trace Precedents, Trace Dependents, Remove Arrows, Show Formulas, Error Checking (includes Error Checking, Trace Error, Circular References), Evaluate Formula and more
  • Administrative Assistants: Administrative assistants most of the times use mail merge, sorting and filtering as well as advanced layouts to view and print formatted data.
  • Business Analysts: Business Analysts typically analyze business problem and recommend systematic solution using technology. A lot of times they work on the projects as liaisons between an organization’s stakeholders and the various forms of technology used to achieve professional goals and use Microsoft Excel to support data analysis and communicating their findings on patterns and trends so that the management team can find solutions to improve overall workplace efficiency.
  • Sales Analyst, Price Analyst and Cost Estimators: Cost Estimators mostly use Excel to estimate item's cost structure but also estimate price increases and discounts using Excel formulas. By entering different line items for costs you can easily calculate the total cost for each item and then multiply by quantity to calculate estimates faster.
  • Teachers, Instructors and College Professors: Due to widespread of google technologies in schools, teachers can either use Excel or they can use Google Sheets to convert any spreadsheet into a web page and share it with students to effectively communicate the ideas and increase material comprehension at schools.
  • Investors & Bankers: Investors frequently use Excel spreadsheets to manage investment portfolio and keep track of investment performance. Using features of Microsoft Excel they can also calculate performance and degree of volatility.
  • Loan officers, credit analysts and lenders can use Microsoft Excel to store data about the customers, use mail merge, track effectiveness of marketing campaigns, manage loan pipelines, analyze borrowers documents, exchange information with realtor partners and estimate total cost of borrowing
  • Project Managers and project coordinators use excel to estimate the task completion timeline, manage project budget, analyze and manage project risks, assess project quality, create GANTT charts and report the status using Excel dashboards, charts and graphs
  • Knowledge worker and Information Clerks - focus on productivity to accomplish tasks and use data import features and remove duplicate data points for data analysis, Pivot tables and charts to recognize trends and make sense of data and use Excel filters to simplify your data

Did You Know?

Microsoft Excel is a comprehensive tool that allows businesses to record, track, and analyze data essential for measuring company performance, maximizing return on investment, and defining goals – when used to its fullest potential. A new employee who can comfortably navigate Excel is prepared to immediately contribute by producing meaningful, data-driven spreadsheets, reports, and graphs to best serve company needs.

Typical Microsoft Excel Assessment Test helps predict a job candidate’s ability to:

  • Import data from external database or ERP system
  • Analyze data using Pivot Tables and Pivot charts
  • Create Excel Dashboard to provide an overview of metrics and data in a single place
  • Accurately apply formulas to analyze and process sales totals by date, representative, product or region.
  • Use conditional formatting on cells with the goal of highlighting specific dates, values, or ranges.

Free Excel Practice Test

How To Prepare for Excel Assessment Test

One of the fastest ways to get ready for Excel Assessment Test is by learning more about the test and practicing sample questions. Here is why:

  • It is the Fastest Way to learn: One of the fastest way to learn to get ready for assessment test is is to use hands on questions and exercises that covers relevant material. The big advantage of  the file with practice questions is that it allows you to focus on the topics you already know and skip ahead to learn topics that you need to master.
  • You Learn by doing hands on practice: There are many benefits to utilizing practice exercises , and adequately prepared for Employment Assessment Test. With practice exercise files, you can get a feel for the types of questions they should expect to see during the test period, and they will also help them understand areas they need to improve on. After reviewing their practice test results, however, they can get a better sense of which areas are weakest. Having this knowledge, you can then focus your efforts in a more productive manner.
  • You actually learn the material: Recent studies show that a huge benefit of taking practice exercises increases familiarity of material. Using these study materials, you can get a feel for the layout and question types the exams will have and won't be as nervous when answering the actual questions.
  • You can time yourself: If Assessment Test is timed, it can be a big problem for you if you aren't used to having a strict time limit. By taking practice exercises and knowing approximately how long it take for you to answer one question, you can calculate allowable time and successfully plan your actual exam. With testing exercises, you can can practice and time yourself as you work on questions.

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Microsoft Excel is used in a lot of different jobs. Before hiring candidates, employers would like to make sure candidates have a good understanding of the application and will be able to use it to complete important functions that are required as part of the job.

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