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Hi there, my name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I am an Experienced Assessment Test Preparation Specialist. Throughout my consulting career I had to work with a lot of companies to assess and hare people on to different position. This is why I decided to help you and I am here to share my knowledge with prospective employment candidates. I love teaching people and excited about sharing my knowledge with you and this is why I started this site to help you get hired for your dream job.

Employment Assessment Tests are used today almost by every organizations since companies would like to make sure that candidates have all required knowledge to be successful on the job and they test job candidates skills and knowledge. Online Training for Everyone site was created with the mission to help You get hired for your dream job. On this site, you will find everything you need to get prepared for the job interview and assessment test: typical interview questions and answers, sample assessment test questions, technology tutorials, free downloads, and a lot more.

On this page you will find most commonly used eBooks and online test practice materials that will help you to get ready for the test

Why PDF eBook is Best for Practicing

The best way to prepare for the test is to own preparation materials by downloading practice tests that match your needs. Unlike other cloud platforms we do not charge your recurring fees and allow your to download PDF, which you can use to get prepared for the assessment test. There is no shipment involved, as soon as payment is processed you can download the preparation material and start practicing.

Advantages of downloading assessment tests in PDF format to get ready for the assessment test:

  • Cost-Effective: A PDF eBook is often a cost-effective option compared to other study materials such as online courses or in-person classes. They usually require only a one-time payment, and you can use them as many times as you need to prepare for the assessment test.
  • One-time payment and No Recurring fees: With a PDF practice ebook, you only need to make a one-time payment for the preparation materials. There are no recurring fees, which can be a cost-effective option in the long run.
  • No internet connection needed: A PDF practice ebook can be downloaded onto your device, which means you can practice for the assessment test even if you don't have an internet connection. This can be particularly useful if you want to practice in a remote location or if you have limited access to the internet.
  • Accessibility on all platforms: PDF files can be accessed on all platforms, including Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, and Linux. They can also be opened in any web browser, making them a flexible and convenient option for anyone.
  • Searchable content: A PDF practice ebook is searchable, which means you can easily find specific questions or topics that you want to review. This can save you time and help you focus your study efforts on areas where you need the most improvement.
  • Annotation capabilities: With a PDF practice ebook, you can make annotations inside the document, such as highlighting questions that are unclear or adding notes to help you remember important information. This can be a helpful way to personalize your study materials and make them more effective for your learning style.
  • Time-Saving Preparation: A PDF eBook can save you time by providing you with all the necessary study materials in one place. This means that you don't have to waste time searching for relevant information or studying from multiple sources. Additionally, practice tests within the eBook can help you track your progress and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Flexibility in Study: With a PDF eBook, you can study at your own pace and according to your own schedule. This means that you can tailor your study plan to your individual needs and preferences, without the constraints of a structured course or class.

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Uroos Punyali

Thank you very much, your presentation is very useful to learn. God bless you.


Another excellent tutorial. I opened my own blank worksheet and copied the original and used pause to carry out step by step what was taught. I'm proud of my work and my 3-D chart all within the print area. This style of tutorial works really well for me. Thank you so much, Vadim you are the Best.

Barry FitzHugh

Vadim, outstanding classroom instruction methodology, sir, very helpful, love the soothing background music, your meticulous attention to detail makes for indelible subject matter retention, Bravo! Bravo!

Yu-Jun E

Thank you!! I just passed my excel test that I needed to be promoted!!


Excellent teacher! I like your accent. Your demeanor comes across patient, eager to teach, ability to give relatable examples. English is very good well spoken. Comprehensive knowledge of the subject being taught with multiple strategies to teach.

Bass Monkey

Im in 8th grade and this was very very helpful to get me to pass my excel certification!!

You Already Know

Thanks for the tutorial. Had my interview/ performance excel test today. I used some of your tips. They came in handy. I will know in two weeks if I got the gig. Thanks!!!

Jay H.

Great information and excellent information. Just what I needed to pass my Excel Employment Interview. Kudos to you and good for me. Muchas gracias and thanks very much.

Karla Eusebio

Thank you so much! I always get anxious during excel practical examinations because I only know basics. This helped me a lot.

RoseRose RoseRose

Am learning a lot. Thank you very much my friend. Bless you.

Natasha Lauren

Vadim, your uploads are really helpful for me as I'm a relative newbie to Excel. I think your style of presenting is perfect for demonstrating Excel and I'm very grateful for the Bonus question at the end as I'm learning financial mathematics. Thanks again brother, keep up the good work!

Akim Eusebio

Thank you so much! I always get anxious during excel practical examinations because I only know basics. This helped me a lot.

Podina Tutorials

insane and in perfect Tutorial. thanks ! Would love to see more Tutorials form you, more in depth with examples, than the one you made.

Alexandra D

I just completed the quiz successfully! 7 questions were asked same way in the video! Will definitely learn Excel now! However it's not required for me but good to have Excel knowledge


This information is excellent the way you explain it, thank you!

Connella Cyrus

Thanks a MILLION. I've learnt so much. You are a very good teacher. Thank you!!

Gilbert K

Thank you for the Video. I just aced the assessment. I was a little scared though because only about 5 of the questions from here came but I wouldn't have passed this if not of this video, gracias.

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