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How to Use Google Drive Effectively

Learn about Google Drive cool new features and capabilities as well as how to use Google Drive effectively for collaboration.


Key Considerations When Using The Tool

Google Drive Benefits, Features and Capabilities

WHAT IS Google Drive

  • Online File Storage
  • Collaboration Tool
  • Backup Tool
  • Productivity Tool
  • Native Support of Google Office Docs
  • Support Microsoft Office files

Google Drive – Sharing and Collaboration

  • Work on the document together
  • See changes real time
  • Complete projects faster
  • Share document with another person


  • Free Storage – up to 15GB
  • Native Support for Google Office Documents
  • Support for Microsoft Office Documents
  • Access Files on Mobile Device
  • Share and Collaborate with others on a File


  • Reliability & Backup: documents are stored in the cloud
  • Share Files Across Computers
  • Collaborate with others



Next Steps

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Learn about Google Drive Benefits, Capabilities and Cool new features.

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