2018 Cost Estimator to Install or Replace Hardwood Floors – Tutorial for Beginners

Hardwood floor installation estimation

Solid hardwood floor has a rich, attractive appearance that adds value and style to your home. Hardwood floors also help people with allergies and they allow for better air quality in the house the carpeting. It’s considered mostly for installation in the living room, the kitchen, bedroom and dining room. In this article we will look at considerations involved, how to estimate installation labor and material cost, based on what you are trying to accomplish.

While it is far from the cheapest option on the market, hardwood floor is among the most popular ones for its classic and warm appearance, durability and versatility. They can add value to your home when it comes time to sell, and this material can make any space look more appealing. Hardwood floors also help people with allergies and they allow for better air quality in the house then other options available (i.e. carpeting).

With the extensive number of wood flooring options available, ranging from traditional hardwood to engineered hardwood floors, you must do your research to find the right option for your home. Additionally, installation can be a big job and it’s one that most homeowners need to hire professionals to complete. Use this guide to find out why spend time estimating hardwood floors and to get a better understanding of the various expenses associated with installing hardwood floors in your home. There is also supplemental video and downloads you can use to get started on your own project.


What is covered in this tutorial


Why learn how to estimate hardwood floor installation

When it comes to budgeting for hardwood floor home improvement project, you have many factors to consider. Two of the largest considerations include the cost per square foot of the materials and the cost per square foot for installation. To help you understand the potential costs of installing hardwood, below are other reasons you might consider estimating the costs to plan your budget better:

  • To get the best value of the floors you can afford
  • To avoid cost overruns
  • To get quality results and enjoy the project
  • To control timing of execution


Typical Solid Hardwood Flooring Types

Hardwood floors are made from a lot of different tree varieties, and each has a different color, price and durability. They also look very differently after the installation. Here are a few of the most popular hardwood flooring options:


Hardwood Floor Installation Considerations

There are a lot of different considerations when planning hardwood floor installation. Below is the summary of the key ones listed that might help you to plan your project:

  1. Hardwood floor materials price per sq ft
  2. Measure Size of the room (estimate size Odd Shape room – more labor involved for odd shape rooms)
  3. Ordering samples and selecting the hardwood floor
  4. Determine what kind of subfloor do you have
  5. Types of installation (Nail to the subfloor, floating floors etc)
  6. Do you have any stairs or connected rooms
  7. Do you have any areas with other floor materials (i.e. carpet, tile etc)
  8. Would you like to follow specific pattern?
  9. Self installation vs. hiring professional (Do you have enough skills and time to complete the work?)
  10. Strategy for the flooring in the house (Do you need to match the floors, how would you connect it with the door)?
  11. Preparation work (Can flooring be installed right away or do you you need to remove carpet etc)
  12. Hard to provide averages – you need to do your own estimating to get best results


Hardwood Installation Cost Saving Strategies

Many different ways you can save when planning your project. Below are the strategies that helped me to get the best results:

  1. Get multiple quotes
  2. Separate Cost of materials and installation costs
  3. Look for discout options (Online coupons, in store promotions)
  4. Compare online retailers and local retailers
  5. Select specific brand and purchase it at least expensive place



Download Free Hardwood Floor Installation Estimator – Microsoft Excel File

Watch Hardwood Floor Installation Estimation Video

Download Free Hardwood Floor Installation Estimator – Microsoft Excel File