Microsoft Access 2010 – Tutorial for Absolute beginners

Would you like to learn the basics of Microsoft Access 2010? We have the free course for you. Designed by, a global training partner, this course covers all of the best activities to get you started.

In this Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010 training class, students will to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Access databases objects.

We start with the simple video of how to create a database in less than 10 min and then learn about 7 key features of the Microsoft Access.

Class Goals:
  • Understand concept of the database using Microsoft Access
  • Learn the benefits of the databases
  • Create basic database using Microsoft Access 2010.
  • Overview sample databases that come with Microsoft Access.
  • Learn how to import file from Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn how to generate reports.


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