Best Online Training Courses to Improve Self Management and Self Improvement

When you are searching for the best online training course on self improvement and self management skills, I would recommend you review below considerations:

1. Soft Skills online training material is typically presented in below categories. You need to focus course you are going select on specific areas are you trying to advance in your self-development process:

  • Personal Development
  • Honest assessment of your current situation in:
    • Physical Health
    • Intellectual abilities
    • Relationships
    • Financial and Money Matters
    • Areas of spiritual life
  • Positive Attitude
  • Time Management Abilities
  • Problem solving skills

3. Are you trying to learn more on the topic?

  • Ideally you would want to be learn more and also work with the mentor/coach
  • Coach provides feedback and keeps you motivated and get you going
  • Mentor can help you develop a strategy to best develop yourself
  • You can also learn more by observing others and paying attention to your own mood, body language

4. Material you are trying to learn is typically better learned in face to face and classroom settings, because you can not just learn from the instructor, but also can learn from others

  • Face to face courses are typically more expensive and might require travel
  • Online training is easy, less expensive and allows you to learn specifically the subject you are trying to improve

Below are the recommended courses on the topic ranked based on above considerations:


#1 Online Training Course on Self Management and Self Improvement: Become your best self: Achieve breakthrough transformation

Transformational journey. Self-image. Beliefs. Charisma. Passion. Goal-setting. Mind control. Self-talk. Time management


Course Description:

Author have developed a dedicated framework that covers the 3 key aspects of personal transformation having 8 elements in total:

  • Individuality
    • Self-image (How you see yourself?)
    • Beliefs (How you see the world?)
    • Charisma (How the world sees you?)
  • Inspiration
    • Passion (What makes you come alive?)
    • Goals (What is your vision?)
  • Intensity
    • Mind control (How to assign empowering meanings?)
    • Self-talk (How to talk to yourself?)
    • Time management (How to use the greatest leveler?)

This course will introduce you to the most key principles that every person must understand as irrespective of the fact if you believe in or practice these principles or not, they still continue to apply for you! Once you master these basic principles, you won’t need to read up any more detailed literature.

A number of custom-designed exercises have also been included, which have proven effective for myself and many others around me. The exercises will help you assess your current situation (know exactly where you are stuck!), define your target state and design the transformational roadmap for you to bridge the gap and achieve your breakthrough. Ensure that you complete the exercises even if they feel uncomfortable/ tedious at first.

Real lasting impact will come from doing the exercises. Once you learn how to do one full iteration of the exercises and are able to take yourself to the next level, you can repeat the entire iteration from your new normal, and continue to be on that upward trajectory, of hitting higher and higher levels.

Post undertaking this course, you will feel more “in control” of your life and be more successful in achieving the results that you desire along each of the life areas:

  • Physical (Health),
  • Intellectual (Work),
  • Social (Relationships),
  • Financial (Money), and
  • Spiritual (Soul)

Course Ranking: 4.6

About the author: Rohit Sethi

Passionate about people for ~20 years now, Rohit has read 300+ books in the areas of psychology, philosophy, leadership, motivation, coaching, and entrepreneurship, and attended seminars from world renowned inspirational speakers. Over the years, Rohit absorbed and applied the principles, tools and strategies in his own life, and found them to be extremely effective. The techniques helped him appreciate his own unique gift of being able to detach from a situation and see it from a distance both for himself and for others, putting him in a unique situation to coach others.


Skills you will learn:

  • Learn key principles from the world of self-help/ personal development in form of a comprehensive curriculum (as against scattered pieces of advice on individual topics, which are not very effective!)
  • Assess your current situation along the various life areas: Physical (Health), Intellectual (Work), Social (Relationships), Financial (Money), and Spiritual (Soul)
  • Define your target aspirational states for each life area and create a transformational roadmap to bridge the gap between current and target states
  • Assess your current situation along each of the key elements of personal development: Self-image, Beliefs, Charisma, Passion, Goals, Mind control, Self-talk, and Time management
  • Define your target aspirational states for each element and create a roadmap to bridge the gap between current and target states

What others like about this course:

  • Course is posting questions to the listener and focuses on self-realization aspect of the students
  • Relevant material on the subject. Instructor is very knowledgeable on the material
  • Language is simple and clear


What can be improved about this course:

  • Some students indicated course is short and might benefit from additional material



#2 Online Self Management and Self Improvement workshop: Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop

Course Description:

Author’s key paradigm is that “Leadership is a choice”. It happens when someone steps up and causes a change to happen. It happens when someone enrolls other people to help them make that change.

Seth promotes concept of intentional leadership in this interactive online workshop and he will walk you through the steps to make the choice to lead.

You’ll explore what the leadership choice is capable of accomplishing, what it means, and how to get there.

You’ll learn to distinguish between leaders and managers, paint a picture of where you want your leadership journey to go, and motivate people to join you in your cause.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn that you can lead even when you don’t have formal authority.

The course is built around 9 surprising leadership principles that challenge conventional wisdom. Through a series of videos and interactive exercises, Seth will introduce you to ideas that will help you lead people to dance on the edge of possibility. You’ll learn why authority is different than responsibility, why future change makers need to master leadership rather than management, and why new types of work demand new types of leadership.

This course is an active journey of self-reflection. You should be prepared to roll up your sleeves and reflect on your priorities and the type of change you want to make, regardless of where you sit in an organization. You’ll leave the experience with a Leadership Notebook documenting your ideas for getting started.

Course Ranking: 4.6

About the author: Seth Godin

Today’s competitive global marketplace requires a business model that’s truly remarkable, unmistakable, and valuable. No one knows this better—and no one can teach this better—than Seth Godin. By focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.


Skills you will learn:

  • Learn the leadership principles critical to stepping up and creating change
  • Describe a compelling vision for an alternative future
  • Take concrete steps to lead change, regardless of where you sit in an organization
  • Create your own Leadership Notebook documenting your ideas for getting started as a leader

What others like about this course:

  • Great presentation. Delivery is very inspirational
  • Relevant material on the subject. Instructor is very knowledgeable on the material
  • Language is simple and clear
  • Very useful for students that are just starting or would like to eventually become leaders and managers


What can be improved about this course:

  • Some students indicated that flow of material was interrupted by PDF attachments that had to be reviewed



# 3. Online Self-Management Training Course: Management Skills: Essentials for the manager

Course Description:

The Challenge this course is helping to solve: Most new managers have the technical skills to succeed. What they most often lack is the skill of managing, motivating and developing their employees. This course is organized around three critical blocks of skills: First, managing and motivating individuals; second, leading high performing teams; and third, engaging their people in the continuous improvement of work processes. If a new manager can master these skills their success is virtually guaranteed.

The lessons in this course are strongly influenced by the instructor’s extensive background in lean management and in developing high performing teams. The course is ideally suited for new managers in companies wanting to develop lean culture. It is also perfect for young entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey as managers.

Action-Learning: I agree with author that effective learning can’t be done without taking actions. And in the case of this course This course is structured to facilitate the relationship between the new manager and a coach. There are thirteen exercises that ask the student to put the lessons to work with their team or practice with their coach. The instructor employs an “action-learning” model, recognizing that the best learning occurs from applying the lessons to the student’s real work situation, and from receiving feedback from a coach. It is intended as a comprehensive model and curriculum for new managers.

Course Ranking: 4.6

About the author: Lawrence M. Miller

Larry Miller is now teaching more than twelve thousand students in more than 155 countries on Udemy. Several of his courses on management and leadership are best selling courses in their category and have been adopted by major corporations as part of their leadership development and culture change process.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to motivate your employees and create high engagement and empowerment.
  • When to provide specific job training for your team members and motivate your employees.
  • Importance of leading teams to become high performing teams engaged in continuous improvement.
  • Understand and develop “lean management” problem-solving and process improvement.
  • Resolve conflicts with others and among team members.


What others like about this course:

  • Solid material if you are trying to prepare yourself for the managerial role
  • Delivery is very engaging
  • Instructor is very knowledgeable on the material
  • Course is packed with hand’s on exercises
  • Very useful for students that are just starting or would like to eventually become leaders and managers
  • Concepts offered in the course are applicable across industries

What can be improved about this course:

  • Some students would like to have wider coverage of the material
  • Few students mentioned typos in the materials provided




About the author:

My name is Vadim Mikhailenko and I am here to help you on your journey and answer any of the questions you might have about soft skills and to help get you to get ahead and grow and become a person, better leader and manager. I love learning myself and help you by providing review of different material available on the market, which I personally believe might help you on your journey.

I take self improvement very seriously: read 80 to 90 books every year, take all training courses I possibly could to improve myself on my personal journey. I review and recommend training materials that I use with the intent of helping you to get to your destination faster. Hopefully you will find below information helpful: I am always opened for some feedback and suggestions and love to have a conversation – so feel free to contact me with your suggestions.


Learn more about Vadim Mikhailenko





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