Video Files Download: EXCEL Formulas and Functions: SUMIFS Tutorial for Excel Employment Test Questions

SUMIFS Function in Microsoft Excel adds all of the arguments that meet multiple criteria. In this SUMIF Tutorial you will refresh your Excel skills and learn how to get ready for Excel interview and pass Excel Assessment Test for job application by answering questions related to SUMIFS Formula.


Below image shows definition and Syntax of SUMIFS function in Excel:

SUMIFS Function Defintion


Below image shows source data we will use in SUMIFS Video Tutorial:

SUMIFS Video Tutorial Data


In this Tutorial we will focus on solving below listed Business Problems, using SUMIFS Function:
1. What is the total revenue collected from Wireless headphones sold in July
2. What is the total revenue from Wireless headphones sold between May and July
3. What is the total revenue from Wireless headphones and Flame Lamps sold between May and July


Make sure to watch the entire video to learn about surprise challenge, related to SUMIFS function not supporting OR condition in the primary criteria/range, we ran into when trying to solve business challenge [3].


We will also review answers to below SUMIFS Excel TRUE/FALSE questions from Excel Assessment Test:

1. You can have unlimited number of range/criteria in SUMIFS function?
2. SUMIFS function can only add arguments that meet multiple criteria and doesn’t work for single criteria?
3. SUMIFS function accepts flexible number of arguments, based on the number or range/criteria?


And we will complete tutorial by reviewing answer to below multiple choice question from Excel Employment Interview:

SUMIFS Formula Excel Assessment Test Multiple Choice Question



Watch below SUMIF Video Tutorial you will refresh your Excel skills and learn how to get ready for excel interview and pass excel assessment test for job application related to SUMIFS.

Download Free Excel Assessment Test Work Files

There are multiple SUMIFS Excel Assessment work files included in this free download:

  • SUMIFS.FormulaWork.File.with.NO.Answers.xlsx – Use this file to follow along with the video and solve challenges yourself
  • SUMIFS.FormulaWork.File.with.Answers.xlsx – Same file as above with all problems solved
  • SUMIFS – Zip archive containing both excel work files

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