TOP PowerPoint Assessment Test Question and Answers

A Microsoft PowerPoint test is a per-employment hiring assessment that employers use during the recruitment process to check how proficient candidates are with Microsoft PowerPoint. In this post we will learn how to get prepared for Microsoft PowerPoint Per-Employment Test by looking at Top PowerPoint Test for Job Interview Questions and Answers.

TOP  PowerPoint Assessment Test Questions & Answers

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft. It is a standard component of the company's Microsoft Office suite software, and is bundled together with Word, Excel and other Office productivity tools.

The program uses slides to convey information rich in multimedia and is used to create complex business presentations, simple educational outlines and much more.

Designing slides

Make well-designed, well-organized slideshows in PowerPoint with the help of designer and ideas.

3D Objects

Nowadays you can simply insert 3D objects and embedded animations from your files or content library into PowerPoint Deck.

Interact naturally using voice, touch and ink

Easily ink on a slide, then convert handwritten notes to text and perfect handmade shapes in seconds.

Pin your next slides.

With a presenter instructor, follow your speech and get recommendations on packing, word choice, and more through the power of AI.

Stay on the same page.

Every time know where you are in the editing process. With your Remote feature, track fresh variations made by others on your decks.

PowerPoint Test Sample Questions and Answers

  1. Brose for theme
  2. Design idea
  3. Add-Ins
  4. SmartArt


Correct Answer is 2: Design Idea

  • Think of PowerPoint Designer or the Design Ideas tool as your personal presentation designer.
  • Just type in a few lines of text to the slide, maybe an image or two, and voila! You have 8 different layout and design suggestions from PowerPoint! The first time you use it, you’ll probably be amazed by the visual feast PowerPoint will serve right before your eyes.
  • If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can go to the Design tab. The Design Ideas button should be on the right side of your screen, like you see here:

  1. Apply a Color Template
  2. Apply a Color Theme
  3. Apply a Color Palette
  4. Customize the color Fills

Correct Answer is 2: Apply a Color Theme

  • PowerPoint color themes are key to make your presentation look consistent and professional. Using theme colors correctly also makes it easy to change colors and branding later.
  • If you don’t want any of the preset color themes, you can choose the Customize Colors option down at the bottom of the list, which brings up a pop-up box that allows you to alter any of the colors.
  • Select any of the color scheme options, and then More Colors at the bottom.

  1. Design Idea Feature
  2. Layouts Tools
  3. Pictures Tools
  4. Arrange tools

Correct Answer is 4: Arrange Tools

  • When you move objects in PowerPoint, alignment guides and spacing guides will appear around the objects to help you align them.
  • However, if you have many different objects on a slide, it may be difficult and time consuming to get them perfectly aligned.
  • Luckily, PowerPoint provides you with several alignment commands that allow you to easily arrange and position objects.

  1. You can compress only one picture at a time
  2. You can compress all picture at the same time
  3. There are no options for printout
  4. You cannot delete cropped area

Correct Answer is 2: You can compress all picture at the same time

  • If you have converted a number of your photos into paintings and your presentation is now too large to share, then compressing your images can reduce the size of your presentation by as much as 80%.
  • Select the image you want to compress, and then:
  • Go up to the Picture Tools Format tab
  • Click on the Compress Pictures command
  • Select your Compression options.Select your Resolution. Click OK

  1. Add a digital signature
  2. Encrypt with a password
  3. Mark as fill
  4. Always open read-only

Correct Answer is 3: Mark as fill

  1. If you are finished with a presentation and ready to share it electronically, marking it as "final" and read-only indicates to those who open it that it should not be changed, and locks it against editing.
  2. To mark a document as final, click the "File" tab in your open presentation and click "Info." Click "Protect Presentation" in the "Permissions" box and select "Mark as Final."
  3. PowerPoint will save the presentation and notify whoever opens it about its read-only status.

  1. The option tab
  2. The home tab
  3. The print dialog box
  4. The share tab

Correct Answer is 3: The print dialog box

  • If normal print settings don’t produce the results you expect, you may need to specify options in the Advanced Print Setup dialog box.
  • For example, if your printed output doesn’t match the document’s onscreen appearance, you may need to try printing the document as an image (PostScript printers only). Or, if a PDF uses fonts that aren’t embedded, you must download the fonts to the printer when you print the document.

  1. Automatic
  2. Visible
  3. Hidden
  4. None of these

Correct Answer is 1: Automatic

  • To hide the cursor during a slideshow you will need to start the slideshow and then right click to open Pointer Options.
  • Then you can choose Arrow Options sub menu and then click on Hidden.
  • If you need to return back the cursor during the slideshow, you can either choose Automatic or Visible. This simple tip for PowerPoint presentations can help to make less distracting presentations.

  1. Apply a table style
  2. Apply a cell style
  3. Apply a graphic style
  4. Right click a table and choose a new style

Correct Answer is 1: Apply a table style

  • When you insert a table an additional tab is added, table design tab under the table tools.
  • Head over to that tab, click it and you will see a ton of table design options.
  • One click on any of them changes your entire table design. There's a little arrow near the tab showing a drop down of more table styles

  • Borrow Slides
  • There is no special function. You must use copy and paste
  • Reuse slide
  • Find slide


Correct Answer is 3: Reuse slide

  • Open an existing presentation or create a new presentation that you want to insert slides into.
  • On the Home tab, under Slides, click the arrow next to New Slide, and then click Insert Slides from Other Presentation.
  • Select the presentation that you want to insert, click Select slides to insert, and then click Insert.

  1. Black
  2. Title slide
  3. Title and content
  4. Title only

Correct Answer is 2: Title slide

  • When you begin with a blank presentation, PowerPoint starts with a single title slide.
  • Although it's a tedious way to work, you can build your presentation from this view, one slide at a time.
  • Aim your mouse pointer at the layout that matches the kind of slide you want to add, click the arrow to the right of the slide layout icon, and choose Insert New Slide from the menu.

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