Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial XLSX Source Files Download


Excel VLOOKUP is one of the most challenging topics to learn in Microsoft Excel. In this tutorial you will learn following VLOOKUP concepts and will be able to download the file to follow along with this Tutorial:

  • VLOOKUP Overview
  • VLOOKUP Example
  • VLOOKUP - lookup Number
  • VLOOKUP - lookup Text
  • VLOOKUP lookup based on Cell Reference
  • Approximate VLOOKUP
  • VLOOKUP from other Sheets
  • VLOOKUP in Name Range


Video Tutorial: The Only Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial You Ever Need


Download Files Used in This Video

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  • VLOOKUP Tutorial Source Files .v1.77.20190929.zip - XLSX File to follow along with the video
  • VLOOKUP Tutorial Source Files .v1.77.20190929.xlsx.zip - Zip Archive of XLSX file