Excel SUMIFS Function: How to Implement OR Logic – [Download XLSX Work File to Follow Along]

Excel SUMIFS Function: How to Implement OR Logic - [Download XLSX Work File to Follow Along]

Business Problem:

Below table lists orders of various products sales for the period between March and July in Microsoft Excel. Our objective is to calculate the total revenue from Wireless Headphones and Flame Lamps sold between May and July using SUMIFS formula

Orders Sales Example Excel Table



You would think you can logically use SUMIFS this way (since syntax is valid), but this version of the formula doesn’t produce results we are looking for:

=SUMIFS(R6:R17,P6:P17,”Wireless Headphones”,P6:P17,”Flame Lamp”,Q6:Q17,”>4/30/2019″,Q6:Q17,”<8/1/2019″) 



Below are the 2 ways how SUMIFS formula can be used to solve the business problem:

=SUMIFS(R6:R17,P6:P17,”Wireless Headphones”,Q6:Q17,”>4/30/2019″,Q6:Q17,”<8/1/2019″)+SUMIFS(R6:R17,P6:P17,”Flame Lamp”,Q6:Q17,”>4/30/2019″,Q6:Q17,”<8/1/2019″)

=SUMIFS(R6:R17,P6:P17,”Wireless Headphones”,P6:P17,”Flame Lamp”,Q6:Q17,”>4/30/2019″,Q6:Q17,”<8/1/2019″)


Watch Video Tutorial on how to solve the challenge

How can you solve multiple Criteria logic challenge (OR vs AND) in EXCEL SUMIFS function. Watch below video tutorial to learn more. And make sure to download work files to try it yourself:


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