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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts [PDF Download]


Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts do a lot of heavy lifting for the user. When you are working with a Excel Document, you can frequently use them to avoid having to move the mouse cursor to do an action which might take more time than just pressing a key or a combination of keys.


Frequently Used Excel Shortcuts

We are going to list some of the most used Excel Keyboard Shortcuts first, these are your shortcut keys that everyone uses on the daily basis.

Shortcut Description
CTRL + O Open a Workbook
CTRL + W Close a Workbook
CTRL + S Save a Workbook
CTRL + C Copy a selection
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + Z Undo last action
CTRL + X Cut the text
CTRL + B Bold
CTRL + N Create a New Workbook
DELETE Remove selected cell contents

Excel Formatting Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Description
CTRL + 1 Format Box
ALT + E + S + T Copy Format
ALT + H + 0 Increase Decimal
ALT + H + 9 Decrease Decimal
CTRL + SHIFT + 7 Boxing
ALT + O + C + A Fit Column Width
ALT + H + O + R Change Tab Name
ALT + W + F (Un) Split Panes
ALT + W + S (Un)freeze windows
ALT + “=” SUM Function
CTRL + SHIFT + F / CTRL + SHIFT +P Format fonts.
SHIFT + F2 Add/Edit Cell comment
CTRL + ALT + V Paste Special Dialog
CTRL + I Italicize or Un-Italicize cells
CTRL + SHIFT + & Apply outline border to selected cells.
CTRL + U Insert Underlines under the selected text
CTRL + SHIFT + # Date Format
CTRL + SHIFT + $ $ Dollar Format
CTRL+ SHIFT + % % Percentage Format
CTRL + SHIFY + @ Time format hour minute and AM/PM
CTRL + L/ CTRL + T Insert table Dialog


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