Top Microsoft PowerPoint Employment Assessment Test Questions

A Microsoft PowerPoint test is a pre-employment hiring assessment that employers use during the recruitment process to check how proficient candidates are with Microsoft PowerPoint. In this post you will learn how to get prepared for Microsoft PowerPoint Per-Employment Test by looking at Top PowerPoint Test for Job Interview Questions and Answers.

What is PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft. It is a standard component of the company's Microsoft Office suite software, and is bundled into Microsoft Office suite together with Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office productivity tools.

PowerPoint uses concept of slides to help you share the ideas rich in multimedia and is used to create complex business presentations, simple educational outlines and much more. PowerPoint is used by a lot of businesses and in education and is currently available on PC, on the web, PowerPoint for Mac, PowerPoint for Adndroid, PowerPoint for iOS and PowerPoint Mobile.

PowerPoint Features and Capabilities

Latest version of PowerPoint offers various different features which could be tested as part of employment assessment test:

  • Create brand new presentations or create presentations from template.
  • Share your ideas by add text, images, art, and videos.
  • Use text formatting features in PowerPoint to create lists, hyperlinks do paragraph formatting and change text directional settings
  • Select a professional design using various different available options in the applications.
  • Add pictures by inserting local or online pictures, changing picture styles, compressing picture and displaying background images
  • Add transitions, animations, and motion to make presentation more professional.
  • Enhance design by using layout features of the application to add footnotes, headers, themes and adjusting background color
  • Enhance your productivity by using keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhance your presentation with video features by playing YouTube videos or embedding videos you have saved locally
  • Rearrange slides as needed by copying, removing rearranging slides and changing all effects that have been added previously
  • Make global changes to the application by adjusting Slide Master
  • Save locally or share on OneDrive, to get to your presentations from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Share and work with others to get feedback.
  • Use collaboration features of the application to add/remove comments, use @mention tags in the comment and jointly edit using real-time co-authoring
  • Print presentation as necessary by printing slides, notes and handouts
  • Prepare and setup your environment for the presentation using Slide Show features

Typical PowerPoint Question Categories

Latest version of PowerPoint offers various different features which could be tested as part of employment assessment test and tests candidates knowledge in below listed categories:

  • Template.
  • Slide Master
  • Animations
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Transitions
  • Timing of animations
  • Design Ideas
  • Slide Show
  • Saving and Exporting data
  • Using someone else's presentation as a starting point
  • Slides arrangement and re-arrangement
  • Objects positioning and resizing
  • Integration with other applications
  • Tables
  • Smart Art
  • Themes
  • a lot of others

How to Pass Microsoft PowerPoint Assessment Test

Top 50 Microsoft PowerPoint Assessment Test Questions

How can you change color in your presentation all it once without changing the design?

A)  Apply a Color Template

B)  Apply a Color Theme

C)  Apply a Color Palette

D)  Customize the color fills

Correct Answer is B: Apply a Color Theme

  • PowerPoint color themes are key to make your presentation look consistent and professional.
  • Using theme colors correctly also makes it easy to change colors and branding later.
  • If you don’t want any of the preset color themes, you can choose the Customize Colors option down at the bottom of the list, which brings up a pop-up box that allows you to alter any of the colors.
  • Select any of the color scheme options, and then More Colors at the bottom.

Which function key can be used to begin the PowerPoint presentation?

A) F7
B) F6
C) F5
D) F2

Correct Answer is C: F5

  • In object that contains text pressing F2 cycles between selecting the text for editing and selecting the object itself for moving or formatting.
  • F7: Open the Editor pane and starts a spelling and grammar check.
  • F6: Move between the Ribbon, worksheet, tabs, and status bar.

How can you change the appearance of a table in one click?

A)  Apply a table style

B)  Apply a cell style

C)  Apply a graphic style

D)  Right click a table and choose a new style

Correct Answer is A: Apply a table style

  • When you insert a table an additional tab is added, table design tab under the table tools.
  • Head over to that tab, click it and you will see a ton of table design options.
  • One click on any of them changes your entire table design. There's a little arrow near the tab showing a drop down of more table styles

How To Prepare for PowerPoint Assessment Test

One of the fastest ways to get ready for Excel Assessment Test is by learning more about the test and practicing sample questions. Here is why:

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  • You actually learn the material: Recent studies show that a huge benefit of taking practice exercises increases familiarity of material. Using these study materials, you can get a feel for the layout and question types the exams will have and won't be as nervous when answering the actual questions.
  • You can time yourself: If Assessment Test is timed, it can be a big problem for you if you aren't used to having a strict time limit. By taking practice exercises and knowing approximately how long it take for you to answer one question, you can calculate allowable time and successfully plan your actual exam. With testing exercises, you can can practice and time yourself as you work on questions.

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