Master Microsoft Visio The Easy Way – Online Training Course

Do you need to stay up-to-date with the latest upgrades to Microsoft Visio 2016? Are you an individual or office professional who wants to leverage the capabilities of this diagramming software platform?

Create Elegant, Informative Diagrams with Microsoft Visio 2016!

You can use Microsoft Visio 2016 to communicate in a wide variety of visual formats:

When you enroll into this course, you’ll gain access to 10 hours of video content – as well as special exercises and quizzes. After absorbing this comprehensive tutorial, you can impress your colleagues and clients with complex and attractive diagrams of all kinds. Of course, you’ll get a certificate of completion when you’re finished to let others know of your accomplishment.

We present all the videos in this course in crisp, easy-to-watch HD for optimal learning speed and clarity. With these tools, you’ll find out what’s new in Microsoft Visio 2016, the basics of diagram-creation, and how to work in the user interface. From keyboard shortcuts to grids and rulers, you’ll discover the pro techniques that save time and effort on this sophisticated software platform.

You’ll learn to create, size, and connect shapes and text – and add compelling images to your diagrams. Precise object alignment, layers, and shape data management can turn an amateur effort into a professional presentation. With this course, you’ll learn to seamlessly integrate hyperlinks into your designs. You can easily collaborate with co-authors in Microsoft Visio 2016, save your work in a variety of formats, and share your diagrams on many popular platforms. This course describes how to create time-saving custom templates, optimize print settings for Visio drawings, and produce large-scale diagrams.

You’ll even find out how to manage shape sheets and perform basic coding in Microsoft Visio 2016. Whether you’re new to this software platform or just need an update on the latest features and pro tips, this course has everything you need to create sophisticated and compelling diagrams!

This course includes:

  • Exercise files
  • Demo files used by the instructor
  • An optional quiz to test what you’ve learned
  • Certificate of completion


Course Ranking: 4.5 

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Skills students will learn:

  • Understanding the Microsoft “Ribbon”, Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage View.
  • Creating a new diagram.
  • Manipulating and adding shapes.
  • How to use rulers, grids and guides.
  • Connecting shapes using lines and dynamic glue.
  • How to resize, position and connect shapes.
  • Discover how to work with themes.
  • Create an organization chart.
  • Using external shape data.
  • Creating a cross-functional flowchart.
  • Creating a cross-functional flowchart.

What students like about this course:

  • Focuses on the main purpose of the training – Microsoft Visio 2016
  • 11 hours of videos
  • Instructor is easy to understand

What can be improved about this course:

  • Some students recommend changing the order of the lessons
  • Some key topics are missing: technical drawings, trim commands, customizations of Visio Ribbon
  • Sound quality could be improved