How to Pass CVS Pharmacy Job Interview and Pre-Employment Assessment Test: All You Need to Know


  • This article offers insights into the CVS Pharmacy hiring process, providing practical tips and an opportunity to undergo a pre-employment assessment test.
  • It guides candidates with sample job opportunities, job interview questions, introduces the concept of an ideal candidate, looks at the most important skills the company is seeking during the hiring process, and more. It assists future hires in understanding their skills and introduces premium tools designed to enhance preparation for both the job interview and the assessment test.
  • This post shares practical tips with candidates on how to succeed and excel on the hiring test. The article aims to equip candidates with comprehensive knowledge and practice needed to increase their chances of securing their dream job and getting hired.

What is CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is known in the United States as a retail pharmacy chain that offers a wide range of prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, health and wellness products, beauty products, and other household items. In addition to its pharmacy services, CVS Pharmacy also offers healthcare services such as flu shots, immunizations, and health screenings.

CVS Pharmacy is also known for its ExtraCare rewards program, which offers customers discounts on purchases, as well as personalized coupons and special offers.

Aspiring CVS Pharmacy job seekers should know several key facts about the company. Firstly, CVS is a prominent player in the retail pharmacy industry, boasting an extensive network of over 9,900 stores across the United States. Its widespread presence offers employees ample opportunities for career growth and mobility within the organization.

Moreover, CVS has a strong commitment to innovation in healthcare. Beyond traditional pharmacy services, CVS operates MinuteClinic walk-in medical clinics, providing convenient and affordable healthcare services to communities nationwide. This emphasis on innovation and accessibility underscores CVS's dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, CVS prioritizes community engagement and health initiatives. Through various programs and partnerships, such as the CVS Health Foundation and community health screenings, the company actively contributes to public health efforts. Job seekers aligned with CVS's mission of promoting health and wellness in local communities will find a fulfilling and purpose-driven work environment.

CVS Pharmacy offers job seekers not only a wide array of career opportunities but also a chance to be part of an organization at the forefront of healthcare innovation and community engagement.

Below are some interesting facts about CVS Pharmacy:

  • CVS Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, with over 9,900 locations across the country.
  • CVS Pharmacy was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts by three partners who opened a discount health and beauty products store called Consumer Value Store, or CVS.
  • CVS Pharmacy was the first national pharmacy chain to stop selling tobacco products in all of its stores in 2014.
  • CVS Pharmacy has a program called ExtraCare, which is a loyalty program that offers discounts, rewards, and exclusive deals to customers.
  • In addition to selling prescription drugs and health products, CVS Pharmacy also offers a variety of services, including flu shots, health screenings, and vaccinations.
  • CVS Pharmacy operates in many different countries outside of the United States, including several European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.
  • In 2020, CVS Pharmacy was ranked #5 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies in the United States.
  • CVS Pharmacy has a significant presence in the healthcare industry beyond just its retail stores. It operates a large pharmacy benefits management (PBM) business, as well as MinuteClinic, a retail medical clinic chain.
  • CVS Pharmacy is committed to sustainability and has set goals to reduce its carbon footprint, increase recycling, and improve the sustainability of its products and operations.
  • CVS Pharmacy has been recognized for its diversity and inclusion efforts, including being named to DiversityInc's list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2020.

CVS Pharmacy Hiring Process

The specific steps in the CVS Pharmacy hiring process may vary depending on the position being applied for and the location of the store. However, here is a general overview of the hiring process in both the United States and Western Europe:

Step 1: Online Application: The first step in the CVS Pharmacy hiring process is to submit an online application through the company's career website. The applicant will be required to provide their personal information, work history, education, and other relevant details.

Step 2: Assessment: After submitting the application, the applicant may be required to complete an assessment test that evaluates their skills and suitability for the position.

Step 3: Phone Screening: If the applicant passes the assessment, a CVS Pharmacy recruiter may contact them for a phone screening interview. This interview is usually brief and is used to assess the applicant's availability, salary expectations, and suitability for the position.

Step 4: In-Person Interview: The next step in the hiring process is an in-person interview with a CVS Pharmacy manager or supervisor. The interview may be conducted in-store or at a different location, and may involve a panel interview or multiple rounds of interviews.

Step 5: Background Check: After the in-person interview, CVS Pharmacy will conduct a background check to verify the applicant's employment history, criminal record, and other relevant information.

Step 6: Job Offer: If the applicant successfully passes the background check, they will receive a job offer from CVS Pharmacy. The offer will include information about the position, salary, benefits, and other relevant details.

Step 7: Onboarding: Once the job offer is accepted, the applicant will go through an onboarding process that includes completing paperwork, training, and orientation.

It's worth noting that the hiring process in Western Europe may differ slightly from that in the United States due to variations in local laws and regulations.

CVS Pharmacy Interview Questions

Typical CVS Pharmacy Job Interview Questions:
  1. "Tell me about yourself." Recommended Answer: Provide a brief overview of your professional background, emphasizing relevant experience in customer service, healthcare, and any specific skills that align with the position you're applying for.
  2. "Why do you want to work for CVS Pharmacy?" Recommended Answer: Highlight your passion for healthcare, customer service, and community engagement. Discuss how CVS's values and initiatives resonate with you and align with your career goals.
  3. "How do you handle difficult customers or situations?" Recommended Answer: Describe a specific instance where you successfully resolved a customer issue or diffused a tense situation by remaining calm, empathetic, and solution-focused. Emphasize your ability to communicate effectively and prioritize customer satisfaction.
  4. "Can you give an example of a time when you worked in a team?" Recommended Answer: Share a collaborative project or experience where you contributed positively to a team dynamic, demonstrating your communication skills, adaptability, and ability to achieve common goals.
  5. "What do you know about CVS's services and initiatives, such as MinuteClinic or community health programs?" Recommended Answer: Demonstrate your knowledge of CVS's healthcare services and community involvement, highlighting your interest in contributing to these initiatives and supporting CVS's mission of improving health outcomes.

Interesting & Unusual CVS Pharmacy Job Interview Questions:

  1. "If you could redesign our store layout, what changes would you make and why?" Recommended Answer: Provide thoughtful suggestions based on your observations as a customer or from your previous retail experience, focusing on enhancing customer experience, optimizing product visibility, and improving operational efficiency.
  2. "How would you handle a situation where a coworker is consistently underperforming?" Recommended Answer: Discuss your approach to addressing performance issues with empathy and professionalism, emphasizing open communication, constructive feedback, and collaboration to support the coworker in improving their performance.
  3. "If you could introduce a new service or product to CVS Pharmacy, what would it be and why?" Recommended Answer: Present a well-researched idea for a service or product that addresses current healthcare trends or customer needs, emphasizing its potential to enhance customer experience, drive sales, and align with CVS's values and objectives.

Considerations for Job Seekers:

  1. Familiarize yourself with CVS's values, services, and community involvement to demonstrate genuine interest and alignment with the company's mission during the interview.
  2. Showcase your customer service skills, ability to work in a team, and adaptability to a fast-paced retail environment, as these qualities are highly valued at CVS Pharmacy.
  3. Be prepared to provide specific examples from your past experiences to illustrate your skills, achievements, and ability to contribute to CVS's success.
  4. Emphasize your commitment to continuous learning and professional development, as CVS values employees who are proactive in expanding their skills and knowledge.
  5. Show enthusiasm, positivity, and a willingness to contribute to CVS's culture of innovation, teamwork, and customer-centric approach.

CVS Pharmacy Careers

Understanding the responsibilities associated with each job title can help job seekers determine which positions align with their skills, experience, and career goals at CVS Pharmacy. Below are the most common jobs, available at the company:

  1. Pharmacy Technician:
    • Assist pharmacists in preparing prescription medications for customers.
    • Process prescriptions accurately and efficiently using pharmacy software.
    • Provide excellent customer service, including answering phones, addressing customer inquiries, and handling transactions.
    • Maintain inventory levels and perform stock replenishment tasks.
    • Adhere to pharmacy regulations and safety procedures.
  2. Shift Supervisor: 
    • Supervise pharmacy technicians and other staff during assigned shifts.
    • Ensure smooth operations of the pharmacy, including workflow management and customer service.
    • Train new employees on pharmacy procedures and policies.
    • Handle customer inquiries and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.
    • Oversee inventory management and order supplies as needed.
  3. Retail Store Associate/Cashier: 
    • Greet customers and assist them with their shopping needs.
    • Operate cash registers and process transactions accurately.
    • Maintain cleanliness and organization of the store, including shelves and displays.
    • Restock merchandise and ensure adequate inventory levels.
    • Provide product information and assistance to customers as needed.
  4. Pharmacist:
    • Dispense prescription medications accurately and provide medication counseling to patients.
    • Review and verify prescriptions for accuracy and appropriateness.
    • Collaborate with healthcare providers to ensure optimal patient care.
    • Monitor medication therapy for potential interactions and adverse effects.
    • Maintain pharmacy records and comply with regulatory requirements.
  5. Pharmacy Manager: 
    • Oversee the daily operations of the pharmacy, including staffing, workflow, and inventory management.
    • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as company policies and procedures.
    • Develop and implement strategies to enhance pharmacy performance and customer satisfaction.
    • Train and mentor pharmacy staff to provide quality service and maintain professional standards.
    • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to optimize patient care outcomes.


Career Progressions

CVS Pharmacy offers a range of career opportunities with potential for growth and advancement. Here's an overview of typical career progressions and important considerations for job seekers. By understanding typical career progressions, highlighting relevant skills, and demonstrating alignment with CVS's values, job seekers can enhance their chances of securing employment and advancing their careers within CVS Pharmacy.

  1. Entry-Level Positions:
    • Positions: Retail Store Associate, Cashier, Pharmacy Technician
    • Responsibilities: Providing customer service, operating cash registers, stocking shelves, assisting pharmacists with prescription processing.
    • Considerations: Emphasize strong communication skills, customer service experience, and willingness to learn. Entry-level positions serve as stepping stones for career advancement within the company.
  2. Mid-Level Positions:
    • Positions: Shift Supervisor, Pharmacy Technician Lead
    • Responsibilities: Supervising staff, managing workflow, training new employees, overseeing inventory management.
    • Considerations: Showcase leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Mid-level positions require a combination of experience, professionalism, and a proactive approach to team management.
  3. Advanced Positions:
    • Positions: Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, District Manager
    • Responsibilities: Dispensing medications, providing patient counseling, overseeing pharmacy operations, managing multiple store locations.
    • Considerations: Obtain relevant education and licensure (such as a pharmacy degree and state licensure for pharmacists). Demonstrate strong clinical knowledge, leadership skills, and the ability to drive results. Advanced positions may require years of experience and a proven track record of success within the company.
  4. Corporate Careers:
    • Positions: Corporate roles in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, and operations.
    • Responsibilities: Supporting corporate initiatives, developing strategies, managing projects, and driving business growth.
    • Considerations: Pursue relevant education and experience in your desired field. Highlight your analytical skills, strategic thinking, and alignment with CVS's corporate values and objectives. Corporate careers offer opportunities for advancement and the chance to make a broader impact on the company's operations.

Important Considerations for Job Seekers:

  1. Research CVS Pharmacy: Understand the company's values, culture, and services. Tailor your application and interview responses to demonstrate alignment with CVS's mission and goals.
  2. Showcase Relevant Skills: Highlight your customer service experience, healthcare knowledge (if applicable), leadership abilities, and willingness to adapt to change. Emphasize how your skills and experience can contribute to CVS's success.
  3. Pursue Education and Training: Pursue relevant certifications, licensures, or further education (such as pharmacy technician certification or a pharmacy degree for pharmacists) to enhance your qualifications and competitiveness in the job market.
  4. Network and Seek Mentorship: Connect with current CVS employees or professionals in your desired field for advice and mentorship. Networking can provide valuable insights and opportunities for career advancement within the company.
  5. Be Flexible and Proactive: Be open to new opportunities and challenges within CVS Pharmacy. Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, and a proactive attitude towards learning and professional development.

Ideal Employee

CVS Pharmacy looks for a variety of qualities and skills in employees in both the United States and Western Europe. Here are some examples:

  1. Customer service skills: CVS Pharmacy is committed to providing excellent customer service, so employees must be able to communicate effectively with customers and provide helpful and friendly service.
  2. Attention to detail: Attention to detail is important in many roles at CVS Pharmacy, such as filling prescriptions or managing inventory. Employees must be able to follow instructions carefully and pay attention to important details.
  3. Adaptability: CVS Pharmacy is a fast-paced and constantly changing environment, so employees must be able to adapt quickly to changes in technology, procedures, and customer needs.
  4. Teamwork: Collaboration and teamwork are important values at CVS Pharmacy. Employees must be able to work effectively with others to achieve common goals and provide the best possible service to customers.
  5. Professionalism: CVS Pharmacy values professionalism in all employees. This includes dressing appropriately, using proper language, and treating customers and colleagues with respect.
  6. Technical skills: Many roles at CVS Pharmacy require technical skills, such as the ability to operate pharmacy equipment, manage inventory systems, or develop digital solutions. Employees must be able to learn and use new technologies quickly and efficiently.
  7. Ethical behavior: CVS Pharmacy values ethical behavior in all employees. This includes maintaining patient privacy, following legal and regulatory requirements, and acting with integrity and honesty at all times.

These are just a few examples of the qualities and skills that CVS Pharmacy looks for in employees in both the United States and Western Europe. The specific requirements may vary depending on the role and location.

Importance of Team Players

CVS Pharmacy places a strong emphasis on hiring team players because of the collaborative nature of its work environment and the importance of teamwork in delivering exceptional customer service and achieving business goals.

By showcasing your team skills during the job interview, you demonstrate to CVS Pharmacy that you possess the qualities and attributes necessary to thrive in a collaborative work environment and contribute to the company's success.

Here are several reasons why CVS Pharmacy seeks team players and why it's crucial to demonstrate your team skills during the job interview:

  1. Customer Service Excellence: In a retail pharmacy setting, teamwork is essential for providing excellent customer service. Whether assisting customers at the checkout counter, answering inquiries about medications, or collaborating with colleagues to fill prescriptions efficiently, effective teamwork ensures that customers receive the support and attention they need.
  2. Workflow Efficiency: CVS Pharmacy relies on smooth and efficient workflow processes to meet the demands of a busy retail environment. Team players understand their roles within the team and actively contribute to streamlining operations, whether by restocking shelves, organizing inventory, or assisting colleagues during peak hours. By working together seamlessly, teams can maximize productivity and minimize delays.
  3. Problem-Solving and Adaptability: In dynamic retail environments like CVS Pharmacy, unexpected challenges may arise, requiring quick thinking and collaborative problem-solving. Team players are flexible and adaptable, able to brainstorm solutions, seek input from colleagues, and implement effective strategies to address issues as they arise. By leveraging the diverse skills and perspectives of team members, CVS can navigate challenges more effectively.
  4. Support and Camaraderie: Working as part of a cohesive team fosters a sense of camaraderie and support among colleagues. Team players are empathetic and supportive, willing to lend a helping hand, offer guidance, and celebrate successes together. This positive team dynamic not only enhances job satisfaction but also contributes to a positive work culture and employee retention.

Examples of Demonstrating Team Skills During the Job Interview:

  1. Highlighting Past Collaborative Experiences: Share specific examples from previous roles where you worked effectively as part of a team to achieve shared goals. Describe your role within the team, the challenges you faced, and the strategies you implemented to overcome obstacles collaboratively.
  2. Discussing Communication and Cooperation: Emphasize your communication skills and ability to collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Provide examples of how you effectively communicated ideas, provided feedback, and resolved conflicts within a team setting.
  3. Demonstrating Flexibility and Adaptability: Describe situations where you demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in response to changing priorities or unexpected challenges. Illustrate your ability to adjust to new tasks, support team members in times of need, and maintain a positive attitude under pressure.
  4. Expressing a Commitment to Team Success: Articulate your belief in the value of teamwork and your commitment to contributing to the success of the team and the organization as a whole. Emphasize your willingness to collaborate, learn from others, and continuously strive for improvement as a team player.

CVS Pharmacy Assessment Test

CVS Pharmacy uses employment assessment tests as part of their hiring process in both the United States and Western Europe. These tests are designed to evaluate an applicant's skills, personality traits, and work style to determine if they are a good fit for the position they are applying for. Here is some general information about the CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test:

  1. Content: The CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test may include questions related to math, reading comprehension, customer service, and situational judgment.
  2. Time Limit: The time limit for the assessment test varies depending on the position being applied for, but it typically takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.
  3. Format: The assessment test is typically administered online and may include multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and open-ended questions.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of the assessment test is to evaluate an applicant's skills and abilities and to determine if they are a good fit for the position they are applying for.
  5. Importance: The CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test is an important part of the hiring process, as it helps the company to identify candidates who are most likely to be successful in the position and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Assessment Test Training

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Tips to Pass CVS Pharmacy Assessment Test

Here are some tips to help you prepare for and pass the CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test:

  1. Understand the job requirements: Before taking the assessment test, make sure you understand the job requirements for the position you are applying for. This will help you focus on the skills and traits that are most important for the job.
  2. Practice basic math and reading comprehension: The CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test may include questions related to basic math and reading comprehension. Practice these skills ahead of time to ensure you are comfortable with the material.
  3. Prepare for situational judgment questions: The assessment test may include situational judgment questions, which ask how you would respond to specific situations in the workplace. Review common scenarios that may occur in a retail or pharmacy setting and consider how you would respond.
  4. Practice customer service skills: Customer service is an important aspect of working at CVS Pharmacy. Practice your customer service skills, such as active listening, problem-solving, and empathy, ahead of time.
  5. Be honest and consistent: The assessment test is designed to evaluate your skills and personality traits. Be honest in your responses and try to answer consistently throughout the test.
  6. Manage your time: The assessment test may have a time limit, so it's important to manage your time effectively. Read the instructions carefully and pace yourself to ensure you have enough time to complete all of the questions.
  7. Stay calm and focused: Taking an assessment test can be stressful, but try to stay calm and focused throughout the test. Take deep breaths, read each question carefully, and answer to the best of your ability.

Remember that the CVS Pharmacy Employment Assessment Test is just one part of the hiring process. Even if you don't pass the test, there may be other opportunities to demonstrate your skills and potential for the position.

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