Meet your Personal ACT Coach - Ilia Mikhailenko

Are you looking to change your life by getting into the college of your dreams? Look no further! You came to the right place to get prepared!
Why hire "just another" ACT Coach. My name is Ilia Mikhailenko and I earned a 36 score on the ACT Test.
And it wasn't a luck or coincidence as I developed a series of methods and techniques to get ready and pass ACT Test with the perfect score.
And I would love to take an opportunity and share my knowledge with you.
In fact I love teaching and sharing and I am here to help you to improve your ACT Test Results!
If you will enroll into excusive private 1-1 ACT tutoring program with me I'll be breaking down exactly what it takes, and will share with you the methods and techniques I used to get a perfect score.
I can't guarantee that you will get top possible score on ACT
But I will share with you all the systems and methods that I used as well as work to help improve your level of preparation and readiness for the test to help you explore your potential and get the best score you can possibly get.
And it will be up to you to excel on the real test!

What is the ACT Test

The ACT is a standardized test (originally named as American College Testing) which is used as a standardized exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.
ACT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test administered by ACT, Inc.
The purpose of the ACT test is to measure a high school student's educational development and their readiness for college, and provides colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants.
College admissions officers use candidates ACT standardized test scores alongside your high school GPA, the classes candidate took in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays.
The importance of ACT scores are in the college application process varies from school to school.

How to Get a Perfect Score on the ACT Exam

The maximum score on the ACT Exam is a 36.
Out of the 1.9 million students who take the test every year less then 4000 students get the highest possible ACT score.
This elusive perfect score places you at the top of millions of high school students and can be a big boost to your college applications.
I scored a perfect score on the ACT and I am going to help you to improve your score as well to increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.
Most of the advice on the internet about how to get a 36-score on ACT comes from people who didn't get perfect scores.
Why do you want to go with just someone?
I am here to help you on your journey and we can work together to meet your goals!

Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail!

What does it take to get a 36 Level on ACT?
To get the best ACT Score you need to aim for perfection. And I am here to help you on your journey!
Because the ACT uses Composite scores, what you need to aim for is a 35 average or higher.
Which means you can get multiple 35's and multiple 36's, or one 34 and three 36's.
If you get even one 33, you're already not going to get a perfect ACT score.
What does it take to get a 36 in each section? This varies a little from test to test, as each test has different difficulty levels.
I did analysis the scoring charts of five practice tests, and will share with you my detailed analysis when we start working together.
If you are targeting 36-score here for you to know:
  • In English, you can't miss any questions. This means a full raw score of 75. If you miss 1 question, your score will always gets reduced and you will get a 35 or lower.
  • In Math there is a possibility to miss one question. Based on our research using practice simulation questions  you can miss 1 question and still get a score of 36. It is not guaranteed though, but it is a possibility
  • In Reading, you can't miss any questions.
  • In Science, you can't miss any questions. If you miss at least one single question your Science score goes down to a 35 or lower.
Just like at athlete who want to qualify and win in Olympics you need to set a goal and aim for perfection. If you're consistently missing 1 or more questions on each section, you're not performing consistently enough to be safe for a 36.
And just like Olympians hire the best coaches (most of the coaches they hire are former Olympic winners or participants) you will benefit from hiring someone, who knows how to get you to 36 level on ACT!

What is included in ACT Tutoring Service

Twice Weekly 45 minute meetings with ACT Coach

We will be meeting regularly to make sure you are making a progress toward your goals
I am here to encourages and motivates you via weekly video sessions and  keeps a watchful eye on your  daily performance,
I am here to help and keep you in the know with progress updates.

Personalized Practice Questions

I do an ongoing analysis of your results and work on focused practice questions based on the topics they need to work on each week.
Our learning process adapts to your strengths and weaknesses!
This way we don’t waste precious study time on things they already know, adjusts difficulty based on improvement opportunities, and reinforces learning by prompting students to reflect on the reasons behind their mistakes.

Remote Meeting Technology

My proven distance learning process keeps you ACT Tutoring sessions as effective as a live ones.  We are working together and staying on completing the task and we stay motivated thanks to short, consistent practice sessions schedule.
We use Google Meet technology to share the presenter and also share on the screen real time writing to enable learning process

Note for Milwaukee Area Residents

In some exceptional and extraordinary circumstances we can arrange sessions for Milwaukee area residents as face to face tutoring sessions. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Before We Start, We Set a Goal

Every successful plan begins with a goal.
In our initial consultation and we work with your family to determine a clear, reachable objective to work toward, a schedule and a plan of action.
If you need help please complete the form below and contact us to schedule a initial consultation and goal setting session.

Accountability and Results

Improving your ACT test results is a team effort.
This effort requires a mutual commitment from me but it also requires commitment from you.
Commitment from me:
  • We will be meeting with you 1-1 to go over results of your practice or real ACT tests until your get a full understanding
  • I will prepare a custom questions for you to improve
  • I will answer any questions you might have. And if I don't know the answer I will work to find a solution
  • I will share with you tips tricks and techniques on how to excel on ACT Test
Commitment required from you:
  • You would need to practice and complete all home work assignments I will give you
  • You wound need to complete a minimum of 100 practice questions each week spread over at least 3 days per week
  • You would need to complete at least one full-length practice test each month
How we measure score improvement:
  • We compare your total “before score”  to your total “after score” to measure intermediate and final progress.
  • “Before score": If you have an official score, great! If not, that’s okay also. I will work with you to complete the test and we’ll just use the score from their first practice test with us as their baseline for measuring score improvement.
  • “After score": This will need to be an official SAT or ACT score from the test that immediately follows your tutoring program with me.

Score Improvement Guarantee

At the beginning of the program I make a commitment to invest my energy time and effort working with you.
And you make a commitment to put forth effort to get ready and excel on ACT Test!
I do not  believe in miracles. This tutoring program only works when candidate does the work.
Improvement results are not instantaneous.
On average it takes 10-15 sessions to see meaningful improvements as it takes time to improve the score and accomplish real gains.
We work together to accomplish mutual goas and get you prepared!

Free Tutoring

I love volunteering and is always on the lookout to my local community.
I do a lot of volunteer tutoring to help underprivileged students in Milwaukee area that can't afford premiums services and for them I do it free of charge.
If you are one of the candidates that meet this criteria or representing one of the candidates please complete the form below so we can work together on this journey!

Next Steps!

  • I do get a help with some admin work but I do all the tutoring work myself.
  • This is why my availability is limited.
  • I am currently planning my schedule for the next month.
  • For April and May of 2022 I have some availability on Monday and Tuesday evenings (USA Central Time) as well as on the weekends and can work with you to help you make progress.
  • My availability changes periodically. Please check this page frequently as I publish my availability ongoing and it might change
If you are interested, please use below form for start the conversation: simply complete the form below and click submit button.
We attempt to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, but sometimes it might take a little longer.
Thanks for understanding, and thank you again for your interest and consideration!