How to Plan Your Day with Microsoft To-Do

Learn how to plan your day with Microsoft To-Do App Effectively.


Key Considerations when using this technology

Microsoft To-Do

How to Organize Tasks, To-Do Lists, and Projects

How to Be More Intentional with Your Time & Priorities

• Set Daily Priorities
• Plan Your Time
• Evaluate Your Time Wasters
• Get reminded
• Technology is adopted to You

To-Do Features

• Tasks and To-Do Lists in one place
• Keep track of Deadlines
• AI(Artificial Intelligence): Suggestions
• Integrated with Microsoft Office
• Available on Desktop, IOS, Android & Web

Key Concepts

• Lists
• My Day

Sample To-Do Lists

Create a YouTube Video
• Grocery List
• Tasks For Today (My Day)
• Regular Maintenance Tasks
• Project
• Financials
• List for Spouse

How To Organize Your Day

1. Plan at the Beginning of Day
2. Review and Take Actions during the day
3. Reflect at the end of the day

Delegation Considerations

• Resources (Who can do it)
• Quality (Skills)
• Tracking (To Do)

Collaboration During Delegation

• Joint Planning
• Delegation of Work
• Monitoring
• Transparency
• Tracking

How to use To Do

Track Lists
• Manage Simple Projects
• Organize Reminders
• Agile Execution
• Delegation
• Tracking
• Office Integration

Why Organize Work

•Number of Tasks
•Competing Priorities
•How to Avoid Burnout?

Typical Challenges

• Multiple Inputs for Tasks
• How to Prioritize
• What to do right away
• What should be done as a project
• How to plan short and long term

Methodology to Organize Work Which Delivers Results

• Accounts for multiple inputs
• Helps Prioritize
• Uses Best of Agile
• Short Term and Long Term
• Supports Small and Large Teams

Next Steps

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