How To Pass Employment Assessment Test

What is Employment Assessment Test

Employment Assessment Test is an pre-hiring exam, which is used by to predict candidate's performance on the job. This test measures individuals suitability for the organization and looks at candidate knowledge, intelligence, values and behaviors. This test is very important when companies are looking to hire professionals for analyst, managers, supervisors and other positions, that require candidates to analyze and make decisions based on numerical data.

What Questions do Employment Assessment Tests Include

Some Employment Assessments include IQ Questions, personality assessments, analytical profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires, and ability assessments. These tests try to provide objective data for otherwise and compare employment candidates in each one of these categories to ensure organizational cultural fit and fit for the position.

What are the Typical Employment Assessment Tests

  • Aptitude Test - measures peoples verbal reasoning skills, decision making abilities and ways of solving challenges
  • General Knowledge Test (IQ Test) - This test is typically used to test mental capacity, alertness and ability to recognize patterns. Use this preparation Guide to improve your general knowledge and ability to pass assessment test.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test - measures candidate's ability to interpret numerical data, charts and graphs
  • Psychometric Test - measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics
  • Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) - measures an individual's aptitude, or ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically
  • IQ Tests - measures job candidate's intelligence, analytical skills and ability to recognize patterns
  • Behavioral Test measure how people differ in their levels of motivation, values and opinions in relation to their interests.
  • Personality Test - measure how people differ in their ways of working in the teams with other and working as individual contributors.
  • Leadership Test - measures individuals' abilities and skills as they refer to leading, managing and directing others
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT) - measures how candidate would behave in work-based situations similar to those real scenarios that could be encountered in the job
  • Customer Service Test - measures how well any given job candidate would fit with the company's needs and the overall position as a customer service representative
  • Mechanical Knowledge Test -  measures job candidate's mechanical understanding and mechanical knowledge
  • Typing Test - measures job seeker typing speed and accuracy

How Employment Tests are Used

  • Hiring and Employment Assessment - hiring manager or HR might choose to test job candidate before hiring  to ensure candidate is a good fit for the position.
  • Growing Talent inside the organization - for example some companies use the test before making decision to promote the candidate for the position inside the organization
  • Levels of Motivation - for example, if your company is looking to implement a new system or technology it might be helpful to assess people on their interests and motivations related to new technology.
  • Determine Mental Abilities - very frequently organizations need to be able to assess analytical skills and cognitive abilities to determine if person is the right for for the position. Very often psychometric tests can help you to uncover values and interests that are fundamental to overall career satisfaction.
  • Deal with Injury or Trauma - sometimes tests are used to determine the impact of injury or mental trauma and determine person's mental state. For example test can be conducted before and after the concussion to determine the impact of the physical injury

Which Qualities Employment Assessment Tests Measure

Typical test consists of various different types of questions, which measure different qualities of the candidate:

  • Logical Reasoning Questions measure job candidate's ability to recognize patterns, sequences or relationships between shapes and imagery.
  • Abstract Reasoning Questions assess potential hire general knowledge, and ability to utilize your knowledge in new situations.
  • Numerical Reasoning Questions validate candidate's mathematical ability through percentages, averages and the like.
  • Verbal Reasoning Questions assesses new hire's ability to assess verbal logic.
  • Inductive Reasoning Questions test employment candidate's ability to see patterns and analyze data, in an environment with high pressure.
  • Situational Judgement Questions tests potential hire problem-solving ability.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Questions validate candidate's ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and flowcharts.

Why Employers Use Assessment Tests

Employment Assessment Tests can help HR, hiring manager or recruiters to determine if candidates who best fit a position. Analytical skills, personality, verbal reasoning and aptitude and knowledge tests are particularly useful here

Sample Employment Assessment Test

This video demonstrates employment assessments test which measures candidate's fit for the job. This test is used when companies are looking to hire professionals for analyst, managers, supervisors and other positions, that require candidates to analyze and make decisions.


What are the key Assessment Test Vendors

A lot of time employers use external vendors they hire to assess candidate for the job. Most typical companies used in the industry are listed below and you can use the link to access preparation materials for the vendor as well.

  • Wonderlic Practice Test typically presents candidates with Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test  or Wonderlic Personnel Test which typically measures cognitive abilities, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract knowledge of the candidates
  • Korn Ferry Assessment Test is used to measure job candidate leadership potential. Korn Ferry assessment measures candidate;s qualities such as Leadership drive, Leadership Experience, Environment Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks
  • Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test typically used in the pre-employment process for entry-level positions in careers that involve engineering and mechanical skills
  • Indeed Assessments  test candidates on variety of skills and are designed to help employers quickly find candidates with the skills they need

How to Prepare for Employment Assessment Test

One of the most useful recommendations to prepare for employment assessment test is to practice beforehand. Ask the HR or hiring manager if they use their own test or whether test is administered by a third party vendor. You can also ask for what type of test you will be taking, find sample tests and then practice these online. You would never know about what exact questions you will be asked throughout the testing process, however, when practicing the similar test you will become familiar with the types of questions you will be presented with the time constraints which will make your practice extremely realistic and will get your ready for the real test.

Sample Employment Assessment Test Questions

The questions that you will be asked in an employment assessment test will vary based on the type of job position you are applying for. They may ask you to identify a missing number, shape or image at the end of a series, or they might give you a written scenario that you will answer questions from. Verbal aptitude tests are formatted with ‘true’, ‘false’ and ‘can’t say’ as the answers.

Whether employment assessment test questions are mathematical or problem-solving based, they are designed to test your ability to be able to analyze the data and process information quickly. Most of the times test results are evaluated and assessed by HR and hiring managers.

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TIP #1 – What are the Smartest Ways to Prepare for Assessment Test:

TIP #2 – What to do during the test:

  • Try to schedule test in the morning, when you have high levels of energy
  • Get a good sleep before the test.
  • Do not take a test if you are tired
  • Read Question carefully (ideally more than once)
  • Answer easy questions first (if you have a choice)
  • This would allow you to leave harder questions for the end, but you will get easy answers in
  • Validate your answer with more than one method (i.e. Common sense, Manual Calculations, Use Calculator etc.)

TIP #3 – How to Pass Assessment Test Today:

  • Be prepared for Assessment Test at Home
    • You might be monitored and timed
  • Anticipate questions based on the job position
  • Research and practice before the test
  • Reflect after the test and take notes
    • Use these notes to get ready for next test
  • Improve your Skills in Between Tests by taking Practice tests and timing yourself