Get Ready for Excel Interview & Indeed Excel Assessment Test – Step By Step Tutorial – XLSX Work Files Download

Refresh your Excel skills and get ready for Microsoft Excel interview and Indeed Excel Assessment Test with this quick step by step tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn 25 typical Indeed Excel Assessment exercises and how to answer them by following exercises, asked during Excel interview and Excel Skills pre-employment test

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Get Ready for Excel Interview & Indeed Excel Assessment Test – Step By Step Tutorial

Tips and Tricks to Get Prepared and Pass Excel Assessment Test

General Tips for Excel Assessment Tests

  • If you can navigate between questions go through the entire test and do the easiest, shortest questions first. Save the more difficult questions to come back to later; perhaps another part of the test will help you out with that question or trigger knowledge that you didn’t think you had and you already answered the questions you know the answers for.
  • Keep a positive attitude throughout the test and stay relaxed. People who are positive and relaxed do better on tests than those who are negative and stressed out.
  • Consider using flashcards to help you study. You can purchase blank flashcards or create them yourself from paper and put your questions and answers. Create flashcards for the questions you have missed in the past, so you can refresh the knowledge.
  • Understand how much time you have to complete the test by dividing number of question in the test to the allotted time to determine time per question average you should use. Use this calculated average as a baseline and try to limit the time you spend on each question.
  • Always watch for time remaining and be prepared to submit test results, before time expires.
  • Even if you have no idea about the answer you still should try to guess and answer the question, since your guess might be correct

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Download Files used in This Tutorial

There are multiple Excel Assessment work files included in this free download. Click on the link below to download files used in the video to follow along or complete these steps independently: