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Microsoft Excel is a complex business application which allows companies to record, track, and analyze data and perform very complex modelling and calculations, essential for measuring company performance, maximizing return on investment, and defining goals. Since Microsoft Excel is used in a lot of organizations, employers would like to make sure that candidates has solid Excel skills and experience using the tool. A new employee is expected to be prepared to immediately contribute by producing meaningful, data-driven spreadsheets, reports, and graphs to best serve company needs.
On this page you have everything you need to quickly get ready for Excel Assessment Test: You can watch the free video (more then 2 Million Views on YouTube and download practice XLSX file to follow along)

Practice Video - How to Pass Basic Excel Assessment Tes

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Do you want to get ready for the Excel Assessment Exam quickly and pass it with the breeze? Make sure to watch below training videos and download practice files to follow along.

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Why Purchase Excel Practice Assessment Test?

  1. Fastest Way to learn: One of the fastest way to learn to get ready for excel test is is to use hands on exercises that covers relevant material. The big advantage of Exercise files is that it allows you to focus on the topics you already know and skip ahead to learn topics that you need to master.
  2. Learn by doing hands on practice with Excel: There are many benefits to utilizing practice exercises , and adequately prepared for Excel Employment Assessment. With practice exercise files, you can get a feel for the types of questions they should expect to see during the test period, and they will also help them understand areas they need to improve on. After reviewing their practice test results, however, they can get a better sense of which areas are weakest. Having this knowledge, you can then focus your efforts in a more productive manner.
  3. You actually learn the material: Recent studies show that a huge benefit of taking practice exercises increases familiarity of material. Using these study materials, you can get a feel for the layout and question types the exams will have and won't be as nervous when answering the actual questions.
  4. You can time yourself: If Excel Assessment Test is timed, it can be a big problem for you if you aren't used to having a strict time limit. By taking practice exercises and knowing approximately how long it take for you to answer one question, you can calculate allowable time and successfully plan your actual exam. With testing exercises, you can can practice and time yourself as you work on questions.

Topics Covered in this Excel Practice files Download

This practice file set allows you to cover below list of topics to help you get prepared for the Excel Assessment Test:

Excel Formulas and Functions

Topics Covered:

  1. Extend Column B to fit Total Cost by month
  2. Calculate Total Cost of expenses by month using Formula
  3. Create a border around the table
  4. Format the data as currency
  5. Use a formula to calculate Total Costs
  6. Use a formula to calculate Average Costs
  7. Change the alignment in column D to right
  8. Calculate quarterly cost for Q1 and Q2
  9. Save the file to Documents Folder
  10. Change page orientation to Landscape
  11. Fit work table into single page for print out
  12. Center table header values
  13. Check the spelling of the document
  14. Rename Sheet1 as Business Expenses
  15. Add a new worksheet
  16. Create a column chart to show expenses for the first quarter
  17. Change the width of Columns I and J so the contents fits
  18. Bold all headings and change headings font to 12 points
  19. Merge and Center the table heading "Business Expenses"
  20. Forecast Lease cost for third quarter by calculating Q3 total

What is Included in this download

Download contains a zip file with exercises as presented in the video

  • How to Pass Excel Assessment Test For Job Applications in 20 Steps.Practice.xlsx - use this file to follow along with the video
  • How to Pass Excel Assessment Test For Job Applications in 20 Steps.Completed.xlsx - Final file, after all exercises have been completed. Use it to validate your answers or get help or tips on the assignments.


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