How to Find Assessments by Industry

If you are targeting specific organization you need to determine which industry your employer is in.

Once you've gathered this information you can focus on preparing for the specific tests that are most relevant to your future employer.

Remember that the goal is not just to pass the test but to demonstrate your suitability and potential for the industry and role you're pursuing.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find the right assessment test based on the industry you're interested in:

  1. Determine the Employer: Start by identifying the specific companies or organizations you are interested in working for. This could be a specific employer you have in mind or a list of potential employers in your chosen industry.
  2. Understand the Industry Your Future Employer Is In: Research and understand the industry that your prospective employer operates in. Learn about the nature of the industry, its key players, and the types of roles that are typically available.
  3. Select the Industry from the List Below and Find Required Assessment Tests: Based on your research, choose the industry from the list below that aligns with your career interests.

Select one of the industry from the list below to find the test your are looking for:

Find Industry Assessments Industry Description
Public Transportation Involves operating and managing transportation systems for the general public.
Civil Sector Jobs Encompasses various roles in government agencies focused on public services and infrastructure.
Government Jobs Involves working for government entities at local, state, or federal levels in various administrative and operational roles.
Law Enforcement Encompasses roles in police departments and other law enforcement agencies responsible for maintaining public safety and enforcing laws.
Airline Industry Involves operating airlines and providing air travel services to passengers and cargo.
Transportation Industry Encompasses various modes of transportation, including shipping, logistics, and freight services.
Automotive Industry Involves manufacturing, selling, and servicing automobiles and related products.
Healthcare Industry Encompasses medical services, hospitals, clinics, and related health services.
Technology Industry Involves developing, producing, and selling technology products and services, including software, hardware, and IT solutions.
Financial Services Industry Encompasses banking, investment, insurance, and other financial institutions and services.
Manufacturing Industry Involves producing goods through various manufacturing processes.
Retail Industry Encompasses the sale of products directly to consumers through physical stores or online platforms.
Construction Industry Involves building and construction projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure development.
Education Industry Encompasses educational institutions and services, including schools, colleges, and training programs.
Hospitality Industry Involves providing services related to travel, accommodation, and dining for tourists and guests.
Energy Industry Encompasses the production, distribution, and management of various forms of energy, including oil, gas, and renewable sources.
Agriculture Industry Involves farming, cultivation of crops, and raising livestock for food and raw materials.
Consulting Industry Encompasses offering professional advice and expertise to businesses and organizations.
Logistics Industry Involves managing the flow of goods, information, and resources across supply chains.
Insurance Industry Encompasses providing insurance coverage and risk management services to individuals and businesses.
Consumer Goods Industry Involves producing and selling products intended for personal and household use.

You can identify the industry-specific assessment tests that are commonly used in your chosen field and position yourself for success during the hiring process using below links:


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