Welcome to HowToAnalyzeData! I’m Vadim Mikhailenko, and I’m so grateful that you’re here.

You may think I started this website simply because I enjoy solving life and business challenges. Well, that’s true! I have learned the impact of good decision making on my career and my life. And I learned it the hard way, by making a lot of mistakes, and I know what works and what doesn’t work. But more importantly, I created HowToAnalyzeData.Net because I care so much about you, the reader, and love sharing my knowledge to help you make smart decisions.

If you work as a business owner, starting your career as a consultant or working as an accountant you have to work with electronic data. And if you are outside of those professional you may deal with the data as well. And I know that you are working the hardest to understand the challenge and make the smartest decisions you can based on the information you got. Sadly, a lot of decisions go bad or business go broke, just because the data wasn’t interpreted correctly or essential data was missing or may be you the person didn’t know where to start.  To make matters worse, there is no central resource to help owners learn about the the tools, tips and techniques to understand how to solve business challenges with the data. Until now…

Enter HowToAnalyzeData.net: Your one-stop destination for all the inspired instruction and resources you need to grow your business, make smart decisions and make your life easier.


Meet Vadim Mikhailenko: IT Consultant, Educator and Smart Decision maker fanboy

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I’m a happy family guy who happens to be a successful Information Technology consultant and professional educator. I build online communities and share the knowledge that I have to help you out avoid all the mistakes I have made. It’s demanding work but I love it. I do it for the fans. That’s why when I meet somebody new to Information Technology and data analysis I see myself.

And like many of you my journey began when I came to the United States from Belarus.

I came into U.S. in 1997 because I had a dream of being able to help others solve their problems using technology. Over the years I have worked for different companies, made good and bad decisions and was always passionate about technology. I have also started a family and enjoy being a parent of four beautiful children. Looking back at my journey I have realized how important it was for me to make smart decisions and help company owners and managers to make right decisions in the areas of project management, accounting, finance, security and other. I have also learned what data do you need, which tools are effective and how you can use them to improve your personal budget, finances and make smart family decisions about almost anything.

Few month after my twins were born in 2008  I was layed-off from my “stable” job it was devastating. But, thankfully, I was able to use my knowledge to look ahead and make smart decisions being and let it turned out to be a blessing. I bet on myself, retrained myself with new knowledge and skills, found a new job and supported my family at the same time. The success I’ve enjoyed since has allowed me to build the lifestyle of my dreams. And here’s the thing: you can achieve the same level of success using similar data analysis strategies and tactics.

That’s why I created HowToAnalyzeData.net: I want to help anyone who is interested to learn how to plan well, make smart decision in life and enjoy quality lifestyle and financial freedom. To start learning the business tips you need to succeed, subscribe below to our free email newsletter.

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